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Divine Wisdom Unveiled Timeless Shri Krishna Quotes in English

Discover the timeless words of wisdom from Lord Krishna, the revered deity of compassion, enlightenment, and divine guidance. Transcending the limitations of time and space, Shri Krishna’s teachings resonate with profound insights that continue to inspire and guide humanity. Embark on a journey through these sacred verses, filled with spirituality and enlightenment, as we delve into the profound depths of Shri Krishna Quotes in English. Let his divine words illuminate your path and uplift your soul.

30 Shri Krishna Quotes In English

Lord Krishna says, “A man should be devoted to his duty, but do not make him a slave to his needs.”

“Time is the element of life, do not waste this time, increase the change.”

“Always stick to the truth, because telling a lie takes one away from oneself.”

“Understand the importance of doing work, but do not expect the result. The result of the work is in the hands of God.”

“While performing your duties, pave the way for social prosperity.”

“Keep the mind calm through devotion, because the mind itself can be the biggest enemy of a person.”

“The relationship of friendship is sacred, so cherish true friends and always keep them together.”

“Stay firm in your personal beliefs and show respect for other people.”

“Enjoy living with dedication and courage, because life is a celebration that should be celebrated every moment.”

“Make good use of time and leave useless thoughts, because today is the day that will never come back.”

Best Shri Krishna Quotes In English

“Explain the importance of peace and love in your life, for they lead to bliss.”

“With the support of truth and true thoughts, make or increase the progress of the soul.”

“Even in tough times you must preserve a sound mind and body, because only then can you face the problem.”

“Try to master your personal faults, because only by conquering yourself can you be successful.”

“Keep an eye on your actions, but don’t oppress them, because actions are your means of salvation.”

“Be full of devotion and devote your mind to God, for only in Him is the place of joy and peace.”

“Perform your work with a calm attitude and respect for the laws of nature.”

“Take care of and cooperate with the people around you to increase social harmony.”

“Escape from the trap of greed and greed, lead a life in the spirit of non-attachment and prosperity.”

“Respect your family and always give them an important place in your life.”

Shri Krishna Quotes In English

“More than deeds, pay attention to intentions and feelings, make your character.”

“Build a relationship of trust and society with your peers, because these relationships last a lifetime.”

“Understand the beauty of the soul and observe its nature with devotion, for that is the truth.”

“Don’t give up on difficulties in life, rather learn from them and move ahead and win.”

“Control your anger, for the true strength of a man lies in his calmness.”

“Explain the importance of cooperation and awareness in your life, because it is difficult to move ahead alone.”

“Truthfulness and truthful behavior is synonymous with trust, for this you have to believe in yourself and make other people believe in you.”

“People should think simple and fair and move forward towards a prosperous life.”

“Face difficulties, but never lose hope and enthusiasm, because this is the key to your success.”

“Explain the importance of religion and social service in your life, because nothing is higher than a person’s selfishness.”

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As our journey exploring the profound teachings of Shri Krishna Quotes in English comes to an end, we find ourselves enriched by the timeless wisdom they hold. With each verse, Shri Krishna’s divine insights guide us towards a path of inner growth and spiritual awakening. These sacred words have the power to nourish our souls, reminding us of the eternal truths that lie within and urging us to lead a life of righteousness and love. Let us carry these invaluable teachings with us, allowing them to illuminate our lives and spread their transformative essence to all we encounter.

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