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Father to Son Summary Class 11 English

Summary of Father to Son

The author Elizabeth Jennings wrote the poem ‘Father to Son’. The Father to Son summary describes the anguish of a father who does not have a good relationship with his son. The father is bitter about the generation gap between himself and his son. He is troubled by a sense of separation from his son. The father expresses his feelings by admitting that he does not know much about his son. The father desires that his relationship with his son be similar to when he was a child. He tries to mend the relationship, but his efforts are futile.He tries his hardest to resolve this issue with his son, but without success.

Father to Son Summary in English

The poet expresses his feelings about his relationship with his son. The poet explains that he and his son have spent many years living in the same house. Despite spending so many years with his son, the father still does not understand him. The father knows nothing about his son. He does not know what his son likes or dislikes. Since his son was young, the father has made an effort to develop a relationship with him. Over time, his son has changed. The father accepts responsibility for the communication gap between him and his son.

The father was willing to let go of his sorrows as a result of their physical separation. The father certainly wanted to love him again. Now the son speaks for the first time and expresses his emotions. The son is saddened by their physical distance. The son admits that he is at a point in his life when he does not understand himself. The son explains that his anger stems from sadness. It is clear that both the father and the son are frustrated by this gap in their relationship. Both father and son are willing to forgive one another.

Conclusion of Father to Son

The Father to Son summary sheds light on a damaged relationship between a father and his son.

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