God Sees the Truth but Waits Summary Class 12 in English

Summary of God Sees The Truth But Waits

God Sees The Truth But Waits Summary – The story “God Sees the Truth but Waits” was written by Leo Tolstoy, a Russian writer who is regarded as one of history’s greatest authors.

A Bad Dream

The entire story revolves around injustice, suffering, and false accusations leveled against an honest man, Aksionov, until it reaches its conclusion. Despite his sufferings, Aksionov’s true faith in God is highlighted, and this is considered the story’s main theme. The story begins with Aksionov and his wife discussing his plans to attend the Nizhny fair as a business venture.

After hearing him speak, his wife begged him not to go because she had a nightmare the night before in which she saw Aksionov return to town with grey hair. In fact, he mocked and dismissed her dream before leaving for the fair. On his way, Aksionov met another merchant and they agreed to travel together.

Aksionov, who does not sleep for long periods of time, left the inn before dawn without informing his fellow merchant. “After traveling a long distance, Aksionov was apprehended by a few police officers who began questioning him about his identity, where he came from, where he spent the night, and whether he was alone.

“Did he see the other merchant this morning?” And he said “Why did he leave the inn before dawn?” . With little nervousness, Aksionov answered all of the questions honestly and later stated that he was traveling for business and there was no reason to doubt him.

Aksionov is Arrested

A District Police officer explained to him that a merchant had just been murdered with his throat cut and robbed, so they needed to search his bag. An investigation revealed a bloody knife in Aksionov’s bag. Despite his claim that he is not a murderer, he is sentenced to prison, where his wife returns to visit him.

She informed him that his appeals to state officials had been exhausted. Later, in despair, she discussed her dream with Aksionov, passing her fingers through his hair and asking him to tell her the truth, at least that he had committed the murder. This devastated Aksionov to the point where his wife suspected him of guilt. This was when Aksionov realized that only God knows the truth. He rejected the idea of writing petitions, gave up hope, and prayed only to God.

Aksionov is Sent to Siberia

Later, he was flogged and sent to Siberia as a prisoner. He knew God was seeing the truth, and he would only find peace by letting go of his anger and misery. It demonstrates how, even in the face of adversity, he maintained faith in the ultimate power, God. One day, some new prisoners arrived, including Makar Semyonich.

When Aksionov inquired about the merchant’s murderer, Makar responded that it had to be the person whose bag contained the knife. This statement made Aksionov realise that Makar Semyonich had committed the murder for which he was held responsible.

Makar Confesses His Crime

One day, the guards discovered a tunnel that Aksionov had discovered earlier, and Aksionov claimed that Makar Semyonich was digging the hole, but when questioned by the police, Aksionov denied this and stated that he had no words to say and that the authorities were free to punish him and do whatever they wanted.

Makar Semyonich approached Aksionov that night, distraught because he had realized his mistake. He admitted that he had killed the merchant for whom Aksionov was suffering. He stated that he was about to kill Aksionov but saved him after hearing some noises.

Aksionov forgave Semyonich for accepting the truth, and he felt a tremendous weight lifted off his shoulders. Makar Semyonich confessed the truth in front of the authorities, but when the process of releasing Aksionov began, it was too late; Aksionov had already died.

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