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Golu Grows a Nose Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of Golu Grows a Nose

Golu Grows A Nose Summary – The story Golu Grows a Nose is about Golu, a baby elephant with a large nose. Golu lived in a time when elephants had no trunks. Golu was a curious elephant with many questions. Golu was especially interested in learning about crocodiles and their eating habits. Finally, Golu comes across a crocodile, who asks him to approach the river. The crocodile then takes advantage of the situation, catching Golu by the nose. The crocodile then pulls Golu in and attempts to eat him. A python tries to help Golu get away from the crocodile. Golu eventually realizes the dangers of trusting strangers.

Golu Grows a Nose Summary in English

Golu was a baby elephant who was naturally curious and always had a lot of questions. Golu once asked an ostrich why it didn’t fly like other birds. When Golu meets a mynah, he asks what a crocodile eats for dinner. Most notably, Golu had no prior experience with a crocodile. He had never seen a crocodile and knew nothing about its diet. Golu became increasingly curious about the crocodile and its eating habits. Golu decided to visit the great Limpopo River in search of an answer after receiving advice from the mynah.

On his way to the river, Golu encountered a python. Golu asked Python the same crocodile question and received no response. As Golu approached the river, he noticed a large log of wood. The crocodile winked at Golu, asking if he had ever seen a crocodile before. The crocodile explains that he is a crocodile, and he sheds crocodile tears to prove it. In spite of his fear, Golu asked the crocodile what he had for dinner. The crocodile then decided to trick Golu into approaching him. He asked Golu to come closer so he could whisper the answer.

As Golu approached him, the crocodile grabbed him by the nose. The crocodile then informed Golu that he would be his dinner. The crocodile and Golu now began to push each other. The python quickly coiled around Golu and began pulling him. During the struggle, Golu’s nose grew larger. Golu eventually managed to free himself from the crocodile, but his nose grew to be five feet long. Finally, Golu thanked the wise python and went home.

Conclusion of Golu Grows a Nose

The Golu Grows a Nose summary is a story about how curiosity, while useful, can have disastrous consequences.

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