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If I Were You Summary Class 9 English

Summary of If I Were You

If I Were You Summary will help students learn about the play in a simple manner. This play chronicles the life of a playwright named Gerrard. Douglas James’ play tells the story of Gerrard’s escape from a killer through sheer cleverness. In this play, Gerrard is about to leave for a rehearsal when he encounters an intruder. As a result, when he finds himself in a pickle, Gerrard persuades the intruder to spare his life. We learn that the intruder intended to assume Gerrard’s identity while the police were looking for him. Fortunately for Gerrard, his intelligence and wit save him from death. Gerrard not only saves his own life, but also apprehends a criminal and discovers a new plot for his upcoming play. As a result, the story is very interesting to read.

If I Were You Summary in English

If I Were You begins with Gerrard, the playwright, preparing to leave his home for a rehearsal. After talking on the phone, he begins to pack his travel bag when he notices an intruder approaching from his right. Gerrard notices that he resembles Gerrard and is holding a revolver. As a result, he learns that he is a criminal, and is told to raise his hands in the air.

Even at gunpoint, Gerrard maintains a cool demeanor and engages him in pleasant conversation. We learn from their conversation that Gerrard lives alone and owns a car. He is clearly mysterious in some ways, as he is constantly in and out. We see Gerrard staying at home and not being present on certain days.

He only talks on the phone with his tradespeople and never actually meets them. After learning all of this, we find out about the intruder. He is fleeing from the police after killing a cop, and because he resembles Gerrard, he intends to kill him and assume his identity in order to avoid the cops. Gerrard portrays the intruder as being overly confident rather than intelligent. As a result, he devises a clever ruse and deceives the intruder.

He makes up a story about Gerrard being a criminal and a murderer himself. Much like the intruder, the police are after him, and if he kills Gerrard, the intruder will be killed regardless. The intruder believes his story, and Gerrard persuades him to go into the garage, from which they can both flee in his car. After opening the garage door, we discover that it was actually a cupboard in which Gerrard locks up the intruder and alerts the police to his location. Thus, we can see how a little alertness and cleverness saved Gerrard’s life.

Conclusion of If I Were You

To summarize, the If I Were You summary teaches us that we should never be overconfident and to be alert at all times because intellect and cool-headedness can get us a long way.

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