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Flora Fountain Mumbai- Travel Guide and FAQs

Flora Fountain in mumbai is a fountain in Hutatma Chowk, a listed building with ornamental sculptures, located at the southern end of the historic Dadabhai Naoroji Road in the Fort business district India.  Initially, the Flora Fountain was established after the Governor of Mumbai, Sir Bartle Frere, but shortly before the opening of the fountains in 1864, he was given the name Flora.  Flora comes from the Roman goddess Flora, whose name means flowers. The name Flora comes from the name of the Roman goddess. It is highly recommended to visit the fort area when visiting Mumbai to see the majesty of the Flora Fountain.  It was Built-in 1864, Hutatma Chowk is home to the Bombay Flora Fountain which is located in the commercial center of Mumbai. It is a fine architec...