Find out why Boycott Brahmastra is trending?

8 BIG Reasons

Why boycott Brahmastra is trending and what are the reasons behind it?

Ranbir Kapoor made an appearance in PK, in which he was seen with images of Hindu deities on his cheeks as Aamir Khan in the last scene.

Brahmastra Trailer Claims Ranbir Kapoor Entered Temple With Shoes and netizens are angry about it. 

Alia Bhatt recently said, “don't like me, don't watch me."

Deepika Padukone also had a role in the film and also participated in CAA/NRC JNU Protest.

Amitabh Bachchan furious at the boycott of his film Brahmastra and tweeted on Twitter. 

Bollywood continuously is mocking sanatana dharma in every film and people don't like this attitude. 

Nepotism is also major reason of boycott Brahmastra trend. 

SRK is also part of this movie and we all know what it means to boycott gang.

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