Magpie Murders Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: Review of the MASTERPIECE 

If you love watching mystery within mystery then Magpie Murders season 1 is made for the you. 

Magpie Murders based on a very classic novel with the same name. 

Magpie Murders season 1 is the classic example of cinematography, direction, thrill, and suspense.

Overall experience is good but at some points episode runs slow in conversations and timings of actors is quite low. 

Story line is good as the Anthony Horowitz is back with his own adaptation. 

it is a show which has story within story and mystery within mystery which engages us to watch this show patiently.

Lesley Manville who played the role of Susan Ryeland.  

There are lot of unanswered questions in episode 1 of season 1 which will be answered in upcoming seasons.