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50 Words that rhyme with AWAY for Songwriters

50 Words that rhyme with AWAY for Songwriters

Rhyming is a popular technique in poetry and songwriting that involves matching the ending sounds of words. It can add a pleasing musical quality to language and help to create memorable phrases. In this article, we will explore 50 words that rhyme with AWAY.

  1. Day: This word refers to the time between sunrise and sunset.
  2. Ray: A beam of light or a line of sunlight.
  3. Play: To engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation.
  4. Clay: A type of earthy material used for pottery or sculpture.
  5. May: The fifth month of the year.
  6. Say: To express in words.
  7. Bay: A body of water that is partially enclosed by land.
  8. Lay: To put down or place in a particular position.
  9. Gray: A color that is a mixture of black and white.
  10. Nay: A negative response or refusal.
  11. Pay: To give money in exchange for goods or services.
  12. Ray: A fish with a flat body and a long, pointed tail.
  13. Spray: A fine mist of liquid.
  14. Stay: To remain in a particular place or position.
  15. Sway: To move back and forth or side to side.
  16. Today: The present day.
  17. Away: At a distance from a particular place.
  18. Betray: To reveal or disclose something that was meant to be kept secret.
  19. Convey: To communicate or express something.
  20. Delay: To postpone or put off until a later time.
  21. Essay: A piece of writing on a particular subject.
  22. Freeway: A highway designed for high-speed traffic.
  23. Gourmet: Referring to high-quality, expensive food.
  24. Holiday: A day of celebration or commemoration.
  25. Array: A large or impressive grouping or display.
  26. Obey: To follow or adhere to rules or instructions.
  27. Okay: An expression of agreement or approval.
  28. Parlay: To use one’s winnings from a previous bet to place a new bet.
  29. Relay: A race in which team members take turns running a set distance.
  30. Someday: At some unspecified time in the future.
  31. Survey: To examine or investigate in a systematic way.
  32. Today: The present day.
  33. Underway: In progress or already started.
  34. Valet: A person who parks and retrieves cars for others.
  35. Weigh: To determine the weight of something.
  36. X-ray: A type of radiation used for medical imaging.
  37. Yesterday: The day before today.
  38. Alway: At all times; always.
  39. Decree: An official order or proclamation.
  40. Disarray: A state of confusion or disorder.
  41. Fillet: A boneless piece of meat or fish.
  42. Gateway: An entrance or exit point.
  43. Reggae: A style of music that originated in Jamaica.
  44. Replay: To play again or repeat.
  45. Souffle: A light, fluffy dish made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites.
  46. Soiree: A social gathering, typically in the evening.
  47. Tray: A flat, shallow container for holding food or drink.
  48. Underlay: A layer of material beneath something else.
  49. Voulez-vous: A French phrase meaning “do you want to?”
  50. Waylay: To ambush or attack unexpectedly.

These are 50 words that rhyme with “away.” Whether you’re a poet or songwriter, or just looking to improve your language skills, knowing a variety of rhyming words can be helpful.

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