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Amarsons Garden: Perfect garden for Adults and Children

This is a well-kept park that is part of the Amarsons Garden complex. Super greenery, marked trees, big animal reproductions on a nature trail, a chess set constructed into a concrete table, and age-specific zones for equipment designed to test cognitive and physical skills can all be found in the garden. So, in addition to slides, swings, and climbing equipment, there’s also a rope maze, egg-shaped cups to balance on, and other activities. To top it off, this park also provides a view of the sea.

We all love Parks and Garden because it give us natural space and greenery which is missing in concreate jungle like Mumbai. We can see the enthusiasm for the morning or evening walk in parks in all over Mumbai. There are tons or thousands of small and big parks and gardens in the city which connect people to the nature and trees.

It’s ideal for working professionals like us who want to relax and unwind. The Amarsons Garden also contains a library near the exit, in addition to a walking route. Aside from that, they offer a children’s play area named Harish Mahindra Children’s Park, which includes a nature trail for kids and numerous swings for them to enjoy. The park, however, does not provide any lessons or activities.

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Amarsons Garden morning view

The entry price is ten rupees.

Location: 76, Bhulabhai Desai Marg, Breach Candy, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026

Timings: The park is opened from 7am to 9pm

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How to Reach Amarsons Garden?

By Bus

It’s easy to reach Amarsons Garden by bus because there are 4 nearest bus stations to get to there. first one is Parsi General Hospital and it’s a nearest among all and only 3 min walk to the garden.

Second is Breach Candy Hospital only 5 min walk to garden.

Third one is Mukesh Chowk only 9 min walk that’s not too far to be honest.

There is Nalanda Peddar Road bus stand and only 10 min walk to get to the garden.

By Train

The nearest Train stations are Grant Road and Mahalaxmi. From here about a 27 Minutes walk from Grant road and 37 Minutes walk from Mahalaxmi or you can book a cab or auto to the Amarsons Garden.  

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