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4 Best Beaches of Vasai Virar Mumbai Maharashtra

Beaches are an amazing rejuvenating spots for people and a perfect place to hang out with people you like. Although Vasai- Virar is 50 kms from Mumbai, due to the efficiency in commuting, it has become part of Mumbai and the beaches there are truly relaxing. Here’s a detailed elaboration on the best beach in Vasai and Virar Area.

Rajodi Beach Vasai, Virar

Rajodi Beach is located in Nalasopara West, accessible via Virar, on the Vasai Virar coastal strip, in Palghar District, Mumbai’s far north suburbs. This beach is cleaner and is one of the Vasai Virar coast’s connected beaches, which include Arnala, Kalamb, and Navapur, which connects Vasai beaches.

It is a clean and good-quality beach with pleasant vibes, scenic, pollution-free, and far superior to other beaches in the area as a popular hangout for Vasai Virar inhabitants.

rajodi beach vasai
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How to Reach:

By Road- On National Highway 8 (Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway), enter Virar (10 km from city), take the East West Flyover to the west, continue straight till you reach OLD Viva College, turn left onto ‘Bolinj Agashi Road,’ and ask for directions to Rajodi / Satpala Junction. The journey from Virar to the beach is a little difficult (Another 7 Km Approximated). You can also use navigation apps to find the route.

By Rail: Virar is the nearest Railway station and second nearest being Nalasopara.

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Arnala Beach Vasai, Virar

Arnala beach, which is located in Virar and is well-known in Vasai Virar, is a popular tourist destination. Arnala beach in Virar used to be a deserted beach with only residents, villages, and fisherman as visitors. People from Virar don’t come here nearly as often as they used to.

Picnic groups began to arrive in the late 1980s and 1990s. It gradually became a popular picnic spot for families and friends. Although a beautiful beach, if you are someone who believes in hygiene first, it can be a stressful day for you at this beach because it is also known to be one of the most unsanitary one.

Kids playing at Arnala Beach Vasai, virar

How to Reach:

By Road: Virar is 10 kilometres from the National Highway, while Arnala beach is 8.7 kilometres from Virar west. From NH8, travel 10 kilometres to Virar Station, then cross the East West Flyover Bridge and continue straight on Agashi Road for another 8 kilometres to Arnala Beach.

By Rail: Virar is the nearest Railway Station.

Navapur Beach Navapur

Navapur, a tiny Nagar panchayat or municipality and also the headquarters of the Navapur taluka, is a place that not many of us might have heard of. It is a home for treasures and tranquility that go beyond the imagination.

Before we get to the secret that it’s been holding for years, the black beach, let us tell you there’s more than one thing fascinating about this place. One half of Navapur is in Maharashtra, and the other half in Gujarat. Surrounded by hills on either side, and with the beautiful Rangavali river passing through it, this place is truly right out of a postcard. 

group of boys playing cricket at Navapur Beach vasai virar

How to Reach:

By Rail: From Dadar station, you can transfer to the Western Line. By cab or auto, the beach is around 25 minutes away from Virar station.

Bhuigaon Beach, Vasai

Because it is located in the suburbs, away from the noise and bustle, this beach is known as the ‘untouched beach.’ Because it is such a pristine and quiet beach, there may not be many people there because it is not well-known.

This beach is named after a settlement called Bhuigaon, which is located near the shore. It is recommended that you leave the beach before it becomes dark because there is no good lighting on the beach or nearby roads, and you would not want to cross the lush jungle at night.

couple walking at Bhuigaon Beach Vasai

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How to Reach:

By road: It is a 30 to 40 minutes’ drive from Mumbai. To avoid the confusion, use the navigation apps like google maps.

By rail: Nearest railway station is Vasai Station.

On which beach in Vasai do we get tadgola?
You can get Tadgola from Giri Dungari Market and enjoy at the vasai beach.

When to when the Vasai beach will open?
Vasai All Beaches are open 24 hours but due to Covid it may differ according local authorities guidelines.

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