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These 5 Cycling groups in Mumbai are a perfect way to start your day

Best Cycling Groups in Mumbai

There’s a group for every skill level and interest, whether you want to learn about the city’s history or simply relax and enjoy the scenery. You’ll not only receive the workout your body has been wanting, but you’ll also learn something new every time you put on your helmet and hit the streets.
We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the greatest cycling groups in in the city of dream Mumbai, which assist to connect the cycling community in the city while also providing formal and informal coaching to novice riders.

Pedal Bunnies

This is probably not the group for you if you’re wanting to relax. The Pedal BUNNIES assemble in Juhu every morning at 8 a.m., riding to BKC during the week and as far as Haji Ali on weekends and one of the best cycling groups in Mumbai city.

If you join, you can even propose your own routes and form your own group, but bear in mind that these are serious cyclists, so don’t take on more than you can handle. Krish Captain, the group’s leader, organizes shorter excursions within the city and longer rides on weekends.

Pedal Bunnies best cycling groups in mumbai

You can Join the Group by following this link. –

Cycling for foodies

There are a number of best cycling groups similar to this in Mumbai, most of which focus on specific areas or have specialized interests. Cycling for Foodies is a fascinating organization led by self-proclaimed foodie Sunil Gandhi.

As the name suggests, this club organizes rides with food as the main draw. They get together twice a month at various spots throughout the city to try new restaurants and revisit old favorites. They’ve also done rides to Kamshet in the past. After all, a great foodie knows that distance is no barrier.

You can Join the cycling group by following this link –

Cycling for foodies Mumbai

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Lake City Pedalers

Jose George, a bicycle veteran, founded this club, which cycles from Thane. The organization, which has over 200 members, organizes rides as well as riding events and races. If you live in or around that area of the city, this one is perfect for you. This is a Facebook private group. Join to stay up to date on cycling activities with this best cycling group of Mumbai.

You can Join the Group by following this link –

Mumbai Riders

This firm offers excursions in Bandra and South Mumbai, as well as a variety of entertaining events at various hours of the day and night, so there’s always something to meet your busy schedule. Throughout the city, they mostly focus on heritage and nature-themed rides. They normally host two curated events per month, and their calendar may be found on their Facebook page.

You can Join the Group by following this link –

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Mumbai Cycling Enthusiasts – One of the best cycling groups in Mumbai

You might be surprised to learn that this is one of the world’s major and I can say best cycling groups in Mumbai city. The group was founded in 2009, now has over 11,000 members and a thriving culture of encouraging cycling as a way of life in the city.

The MCE Facebook group page is a one-stop shop for all cycling news, events, rides, rider networking, and more. Over the weekends, they organize women’s cycling tours, cycle overlanding adventures in Dhauladhar, lengthy rides to places like Shahapur, and Fitfeat Cyclothons.

Facebook –


Is cycling allowed during weekdays in Mumbai?

Yes! Absolutely In fact many Mumbaikars now switching on cycling for regular work as you know about the traffic of Mumbai and Cycling is the best way to avoid the traffic hiccups and jams. Study shows that if 15% of Mumbaikars will shift to Cycling on week days Traffic Jams will decrease by 27%.

Is double seat allowed on bike in Mumbai?

Yes! Double seat is allowed and triple seat is prohibited by BMC on Bike in Mumbai but rider and passenger is advised to wear helmet at any cost and must follow the traffic rules to avoid penalty by Traffic Police. And Yes All Documents are required as per govt. guidelines.

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