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Bewafa Quotes in English: Expressing the Pain of Betrayal

Bewafa quotes in English are a powerful way to express the pain and heartbreak caused by betrayal. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a business partnership, being betrayed can leave deep emotional scars.

29 Bewafa quotes in English

“He is not unfaithful who does not love, he is unfaithful who himself becomes unfaithful even after loving.”

Expecting loyalty from an unfaithful is also infidelity.

Infidelity is such an injury that no one dies to show it, but dies every moment from inside.

What happened if you became unfaithful, there was love, wasn’t it?

There is no secret to infidelity, only heartache. – bewafa quotes in English

There is only one punishment for being unfaithful, being away from yourself.

We don’t hate infidelity so much as we hate ourselves.

Even love is weak in front of infidelity.

Nothing good happens to unfaithful people, but they definitely teach.

Bewafa quotes in English

We lose ourselves in the shadow of infidelity.

Betrayal quotes and captions

“It is better to keep pain in your heart than unfaithfulness, because some unfaithful person will definitely be found somewhere.”

There is more to be feared than being loved before being unfaithful.

There is not much difference between infidelity and cleanliness, both cheer the heart.

After infidelity everything falls apart, only the pain remains. – bewafa quotes in English

Infidelity is such a deep secret that only we can hide in our hearts.

After infidelity everything ends, only memories remain.

The one who loved should be punished for infidelity, we will only forgive those who unfaithful to us.

There is a limit to infidelity in love, but there is no limit in friendship. – bewafa quotes in English

If it is not you who is unfaithful, it will be someone else.

How does infidelity know the value of love, how does love know the pain of infidelity.

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Bewafa quotes in English

“Infidelity is such a disease that not everyone can understand, only those people know who have got this disease.”

We say unfaithful, but the truth is that we ourselves have made our heart unfaithful.

Before committing infidelity, think that how would you feel if someone else were in your place?

In the season of infidelity all are companions, but true lovers are few.

Everyone is unfaithful, but true lovers forgive them.

Infidelity means that you must understand that nothing has happened yet, and worse is about to happen.

It hurts more than infidelity when someone is not your own. – bewafa quotes in English

The one who is unfaithful has to be remembered only once, because even remembering once is too much.

Before unfaithful remember that the eyes of the one who loves are always open.

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