Thursday, April 25

Elon Musk sold 10K Perfume bottles in 1 hr will ship in 2023

Shortly after launch, Elon announced that more than 10,000 bottles of the newly launched perfume ‘Burnt Hair’ have been sold. Elon musk made 1000000 dollars by launching perfume virtually and it ships in January 2023. We were searching Elon Musk on twitter and what we found? He was trending on twitter we just got news about his newly launched perfume product. He is like playing the lottery. Elon musk claimed that He sold over 5000 Perfume bottles of burnt hair. Elon musk burnt air perfume made 500000 dollars already. Well it’s lot of money.

Elon tweeted that over 5000 bottles of burnt air have been sold, well if you see the business model of elon it’s not a tough task for him. Elon musk described that perfume is an omnigender product which an be used any gender. It is listed for 100 dollars with tax and shipping. Website claims that it ships in January 2023. After this another hilarious thing happened. Elon also updated his twitter to include ‘perfume salesman’.

Well how perfume smells and how’s the product we don’t have any idea but we will keep you updated. Elon also announced that anyone can buy this perfume by doge coins. Well we believe that this brunt hair stunt is another chance to revive the doge cryptocurrency from the Elon musk.

Well whatever behind this but we are excited about the burnt hair and DOGE too. We may soon witness a huge spike in both or downfall who knows. We will keep you updated with every single update.

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