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Embrace Your Destiny Inspiring Karma Quotes from Sadhguru

In this article, we present 30 thought-provoking Karma Sadhguru quotes. Sadhguru, a renowned spiritual leader, offers unconventional wisdom that challenges our perceptions and encourages us to take responsibility for our actions. Sadhguru, the renowned spiritual leader, has shared profound insights on the concept of karma, guiding us towards a balanced and purposeful life. We bring you 30 thought-provoking Karma Sadhguru quotes in a unique blend resonating with our everyday conversations. These quotes will inspire you to contemplate the power of your actions and embrace the wisdom of karma in a relatable manner.

30 Karma Sadhguru Quotes in English

“Karma is like a sugarcane in which you have sown, that is what you reap. So, sow good seeds, for the fruit will be yours.”

“Participate in the race of action, otherwise the responsibilities will not leave you behind.”

“Until you stop understanding other’s work, you will not be able to start understanding your work.”

“Karma is very moody, it will just revolve around your fate. You think, speak and do right, it will change with you.”

“The reward of karma comes when you serve someone without any desire. There is happiness, there is success, and there is an eternal peace.”

“Take control of your Karma in your hands, because that is your future companion.”

“Understand Karma, stay away from the blame game. That will lead you to your true self.”

“The real joy of work will come when you start doing it easily, fearlessly, and with love.”

“Measure action without thinking, because it avenges your thinking.”

“The path of Karma is never straight, but it is always right.”

Karma Sadhguru Quotes 

“Take care of your karma, because it shows your true face.”

“Karma will do, not fate. You are the director of your life.”

“Keep making yourself great by doing good deeds, becoming great will happen by itself.”

“Do your work, don’t worry about the result. The result will come automatically.”

“Put love in the action, not in the result. The result is going to come, just wait.”

“Karma is your GPS, it will show you the right path.”

“Don’t do bad deeds, otherwise it will make you bad too.”

“The wheel of karma never stops, so do good deeds, you will never regret.”

“Karma is a boomerang, which comes back. That’s why if you adopt it, then think wisely.”

“The truth of life burns in the fire of Karma. It is better to kindle it with good Karma.”

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Karma Sadhguru Quotes in English

“Be the king of action, not a slave to the fruit. It will follow you.”

“Karma is your scorecard, so get good numbers.”

“Fortune bends before karma, but with good karma, luck itself moves along.”

“Life is incomplete without work. That’s why melt the juice of good deeds in every moment.”

The game of Karma will continue, just learn to handle yourself.

Sometimes, karma catches up with you. That’s why do good deeds, the world may not see, but God will definitely see.

Shoot karma, but only with good karma.

Karma gives peace from inside, but makes people afraid of the truth.

Before buying in the karma market, check the quality of your karma.

The game of Karma is there to play, but learn to control your emotions in it.

In today’s fast-paced world, we often forget the significance of our actions and their consequences. Karma Sadhguru quotes remind us of the power of our deeds and the impact they can have on our lives and the world around us. By understanding and embracing the concept of karma, we can live a more mindful and purposeful life. Let Karma Sadhguru’s wisdom be our guiding light in this journey of life.

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