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Enlightening Echoes: The Timeless Wisdom of Bulleh Shah Quotes

Bulleh Shah, a Punjabi Sufi poet, is known for his spiritual and philosophical writings that inspire people even today. His poetry revolves around the themes of love, faith, and humanity. The depth of his thoughts and wisdom can be seen in Bulleh Shah quotes that are relatable and thought-provoking. In this article, we will explore the life and teachings of Bulleh Shah through his quotes and understand the relevance of his words in the present times.

30 Bulleh Shah Quotes in English

“Life is not the identity of a religion or caste, but our personality.”

“Look with the heart, don’t just go by the face. The truth is only inside.”

“There is no use in quarreling, understanding can make things.”

“Leave hate, meet love. Only love can save this world.”

“A wise man looks at his own house, a wise man looks at all.”

Bulleh Shah says: “Don’t go after religion, go after humanity.”

“Know reality, stay away from illusion. Walk towards truth, avoid falsehood.”

“Love is the God of the world, find and use the awakening within you.”

“Until the fire burns inside you, no one else can light you.”

“To be pure of heart is to be truly rich, nothing is gained by the wealth of the world.”

“Give up pride, embrace equality and love. That is true power.”

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Bulleh Shah Quotes

“Instead of doing bhakti, try to live with true heart, that is the true religion.”

“Whatever you do, do it wisely, or better do nothing.”

“The world laughs after seeing, but everyone knows their loneliness.”

“Don’t consider yourself small, but don’t consider yourself too big either.”

“To understand your inner self, there is no need to roam around the outside world all your life.”

“Sadness is such that even God becomes silent.”

“When there is love, there is no one’s tongue, only the language of the heart.”

“It is more difficult to understand your inner secret than to tell it to someone else.”

“How to live a peaceful life in the noise of the world, it is only in your inner paradise.”

“When we think bad of ourselves, the world thinks bad of us.”

Bulleh Shah Quotes in English

“When a relationship breaks, not only the relationship breaks, the heart also breaks.”

“When we try to see someone else happy, the trick is to be happy ourselves.”

“If the matter of the heart comes on the tongue, then it goes out of the heart through Asni.”

“Sorrow and happiness both carry together, but sorrow carries more together.”

“Until you listen to the voice of your heart, no one else’s words can change your life.”

“When life throws you up, learn to get back up yourself.”

“Hindu, Turk, Khudai all are same, Bulleh Shah kahe, Dil wale da hai imaan.”

“Neither Hindu nor Muslim, Eh Jaat Hai Bulleh Shah Di Asli Pehchan.”

“Sach bolda bulle, dharma naal nahi hai koi raabta, chai da raasta hai jeevan di sahitya.”

′′ Bulleh Shah understood the words given as a habit, you understood the difference in the conch shell of your heart.

“Everything in the world is fake, consider the things you have given to your heart as real.”

In the realm of thought-provoking words, Bulleh Shah quotes continue to resonate, defying the boundaries of religion and society. Through his profound verses, he invites us to embrace the essence of humanity, to see beyond divisions, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and compassion. Let his timeless wisdom guide us towards a harmonious existence.

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