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Five Poem About The Impact Of Technology On Human Life

The world we live in today is loaded up with mechanical headways, yet with these progressions come results. Isolation, a lack of empathy, and an excessive reliance on screens are just a few of the impact of technology on human life that are the focus of this poems. It is essential to take into consideration the effects that the digital world is having on our lives and relationships as we move through it.

Five Poem About The Impact Of Technology On Human Life

1″The Endless Scroll”

We scroll through screens each day,

In search of news and trends,

But with each tap and swipe,

Our attention span begins to bend.

We’re lost in a digital world,

Where likes and followers reign,

Forgetting the beauty of life,

That’s waiting beyond the screen.


So let us take a step back,

And disconnect for a while,

For it’s in nature’s embrace,

That our souls come alive.


2″Virtual Reality”

We live in a world of screens,

Where reality is not what it seems,

Where filters and likes define our worth,

And likes and dislikes, determine our girth.

We’ve lost touch with the world around,

With the beauty of nature’s sound,

In this virtual world, we’ve become numb,

To the essence of life, we’ve become glum.


So let us rediscover the world,

And experience life anew,

For it’s in the moments, that we live,

That our spirits come alive, it’s true.


3″The World at Our Fingertips”

With a tap and a swipe,

We have the world at our fingertips,

Information and knowledge,

Within reach, without any tricks.

But with convenience comes a cost,

We’ve lost the art of conversation,

And the warmth of human touch,

In this digital world, we’ve lost the passion.


So let us use technology,

As a tool, not a crutch,

For it’s in human connections,

That we find meaning and such.


4″The Digital Divide”

The world is becoming smaller,

With technology by our side,

But the divide between rich and poor,

Is growing wider and wider with stride.

For those who have access to technology,

The world is their oyster,

But for those who don’t,

The world is a closed chapter.


So let us strive for equality,

And bridge the digital divide,

For it’s in a world connected,

That we’ll find peace and thrive.


5″The Cost of Convenience”

With technology, we’ve gained so much,

Convenience and comfort, with a touch,

But in this fast-paced world, we’ve lost,

The simple joys of life, at what cost.

We’ve forgotten the art of patience,

And the beauty of creation,

We’ve traded the warmth of human touch,

For the cold glow of a screen, a sensation.


So let us find balance, my friend,

Between the world of screens and nature,

For it’s in this balance, that we’ll find,

The joys of life, without any torture.


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