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Five Poems on Real Mom 

In this poem, we celebrate the real mom, who with their unwavering love and tireless efforts, shape the lives of their children and make the world a better place. These moms are not perfect, but they are real, and they are loved for their strength, sacrifice and nurturing spirit. This poem is a tribute to all the real moms out there, who give selflessly and tirelessly, and always put their children first.

Five Poems on Real Mom


1.A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is like no other,

A bond that lasts a lifetime through.

It’s the comfort of a warm embrace,

And the reassurance of “I love you”.


2.The Strength of a Mother

A mother’s strength is like a rock,

A foundation for her family to stand.

She holds her children through the storms,

And guides them with a gentle hand.


3.A Real Mom

A real mom is always there,

In times of joy and in times of pain.

She listens, she supports, she cares,

And never lets her love restrain.


4.A Mother’s Touch

A mother’s touch is filled with grace,

A soothing calm in any strife.

Her gentle hand wipes away the tears,

And brings peace back to life.


5.A Mother’s Heart

A mother’s heart is filled with love,

A love that grows each passing day.

It’s the light that shines above,

Guiding her children along the way.

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