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“Forever Bound: An ‘I Never Left You’ Poem”

Hey there, folks! Today I want to talk about a poem that hits really close to home for a lot of us. It’s called “I Never Left You,” and let me tell you, it’s a tear-jerker. This poem is all about the ways in which the people we love can stick with us, even long after they’re gone. It’s about the ways in which their presence lingers, and the ways in which they continue to influence us and shape our lives, even when they’re no longer physically present. So if you’re feeling sentimental and looking for something to tug at your heartstrings, stick around, because “I Never Left You” is definitely the poem for you.

“Forever Bound: An ‘I Never Left You’ Poem”

“Always Here”

I never left you, my dear,
Even when you shed your tear.
In your darkest moments, I was near,
Holding your hand, calming your fear.
I never left you, my love,
Even when you looked above.
In your loneliest nights, I was dove,
Watching over you, my precious dove.

I never left you, my sweet,
Even when you faced defeat.
In your toughest battles, I was fleet,
Cheering you on, my heartbeat.

So never think you’re alone,
For I’m always by your throne.
Even when you feel undone,
Know that I’m your forever one.

“Undeniable Presence”

I never left you, my friend,
Even when you thought it was the end.
In your lowest lows, I did ascend,
Lifting you up, until you could transcend.
I never left you, my companion,
Even when you faced abandonment.
In your darkest hour, I was the sun,
Shining bright, until you were one.

I never left you, my ally,
Even when you heard the devil’s lie.
In your brokenness, I was the tie,
Binding you together, until you could fly.

So never doubt my undeniable presence,
For I’m the essence of your existence.
Even when life doesn’t make sense,
Know that I’m your unbreakable fence.

“Unwavering Faith”

I never left you, my child,
Even when you wandered wild.
In your stormy seas, I was mild,
Guiding you home, like a shepherd mild.
I never left you, my creation,
Even when you faced temptation.
In your darkest valley, I was salvation,
Lifting you up, with unwavering elation.

I never left you, my beloved,
Even when you thought you were unloved.
In your deepest pain, I was the glove,
Holding you close, like a hand in glove.

So never lose your unwavering faith,
For I’m the hope that never fades.
Even when life feels like a wraith,
Know that I’m your eternal aid.

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