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Give a 300 word Character sketch of Franz in The Last Lesson

Give a 300 word Character sketch of Franz in The Last Lesson

The character of Franz in “The Last Lesson” is a complex and thought-provoking one, worthy of deeper exploration. His actions and emotions provide insight into the human condition and the nature of education. Let’s delve into 300 word Character sketch of Franz in The Last Lesson for your upcoming exams or school project.

Character sketch of Franz in The Last Lesson

The main character of Alphonse Daudet’s story “The Last Lesson” is a young child named Franz. The story takes place in Alsace-Lorraine, which was then occupied by Germany. Franz is a student who deeply cherishes his language and culture, but he is regrettably unable to recognise its significance until it is nearly too late.

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Franz is presented as an active and inquisitive youngster who is constantly ready to learn. According to the description, he has “a round face, bright eyes, and rosy cheeks.” Franz joyfully recite the French verb conjugation rules to his sister Elschen at the opening of the story, demonstrating his love for his native tongue. However, his eagerness fades away as he gets late for school and starts getting scolded by his teacher for not being able to recite the French lesson.

Franz is revealed to be quite careless with his academics and frequently misses school, despite his love for his native tongue. His ignorance of the new German law requiring Alsace-Lorraine youngsters to study and speak German rather than their native French tongue is due to this. When Franz learns that his favourite language will be taken away from him and he will have to learn German in its place, he is upset.

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Franz’s personality changes significantly throughout the narrative. He is initially shown as a cheerful and carefree youngster who doesn’t take his education seriously. But as the narrative goes on, he comes to understand the value of his language and culture and how crucial it is to preserve them. Franz’s emotions as he recite the French lesson for the final time serve as another evidence of his love for his native tongue.

Franz is an inquisitive youngster who adores his language and culture. He is initially shown to be a careless student, but gradually comes to appreciate the importance of his language and culture. The persona of Franz serves as a symbol of the value of preserving one’s language and culture as well as the terrible results of doing so.

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