Gorai Beach Mumbai – History, Stalls and Travel Guide

Gorai Beach is one of the unstained beaches in Mumbai. It is located in the northern suburbs of Mumbai, 40 kilometres from the central city.

One of the cleanest, quietest, busiest, most pristine, and safest beaches in Mumbai.

Gorai is an excellent choice for those looking for a peaceful weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

If you are looking for a muffled beach on the outskirts of Mumbai, Gorai is not for you as it is crowded, clean, beautiful, and comprehensive most of the time.

Surrounded by beach resorts, holiday homes, and homestays is a favourite weekend getaway for Mumbaikar residents.

How To Reach Gorai Beach?

From Mumbai, you can use any mode of transport to get to Gorai Beach in Borivali. Travelling by road might be the best option to drive to Gorai.

If you choose to travel by train, you will have to cross the river by ferry, 15 minutes. Ferries depart from here every 5 minutes to take you to Manori.

You can take the Western Express Highway to Gorai via Malad or train.

Malad and Borivali is the nearest train station.

Mumbai has good road links to nearby areas by road, and you can come here in your car or by train.

Being the centre of the country’s financial activities and a significant tourist destination, Mumbai is connected to all parts of India.

Most buses stop at the central bus station in Mumbai, about 38 km from the beach. There is a large car park around Gorai, and you can also drive your car to the beach.

You have to cross Uttan Road to get there, and it’s a great experience because you have to drive along the waterline, and the spray will make you feel fantastic.

Most beaches are polluted, but Gorai Beach in Borivali, far from the megacities, offers the right environment to breathe fresh air freely.

Dotted with beautiful palm trees and a 360° clean environment, It is a favourite among tourists who want to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

Best Place For Relaxation

The distance from the city, palm trees, and the absence of noisy crowds make the beach an ideal place for a day trip away from Mumbai.

Given the great roads leading to the beach, I would still consider it a weekend getaway close to Mumbai.

Gorai used to be one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, but recently, it has become a little littered with increased tourists.

Gorai reflects Mumbai many years ago when Mumbai was greener, cleaner, and less crowded.

Gorai still enjoys its calm and laid-back charm, in contrast to Mumbai’s bustling life located right across from Memory Creek.

A few kilometres from the capital, in the northwestern part, is Gorai, an area untouched by the chaos that brings Mumbai.

The party night in this part of Gorai offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Hop on your favourite rides and enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

Time spent here will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial capital and connect you to your roots.

Gorai Beach Resort Mumbai Maharashtra

Living in Mumbai means arriving in style and staying at the hotel that suits your mood. If you are looking for an affordable weekend getaway near Mumbai, add an excellent resort to your list of options.

In the evenings, beach resorts host some of the craziest beach parties. People come from far and wide in groups to spend a couple of days in resorts around beaches like Gorai.

Beaches such as Gorai, Manori, and Uttan, which are not far from each other, are crowded every summer, and people are ready to splurge on luxury and wander for a couple of days. It’s a tiny main beach, so it never gets too crowded.

Couples prefer Gorai because of the easy accessibility from Bhayandar and Borivali and the many resorts and cottages available.

It is one of the safest and cleanest beaches with enough space to have fun with your group for a picnic, bike ride, camel ride, or take a boat out to sea.

Walk down to the beach and hear the water splashing as you ride along the waterline, which is always a great experience.

Enjoy delicious food – this is heaven for seafood lovers and street food lovers.

Until the 1980s, Gorai was known for its clean beaches and palm trees. With mangrove roads that don’t carry many cars, Gorai is a great cycling destination for those who love the outdoors.

Hey backpackers, if you want to experience the authentic Mumbai lifestyle of people on the beaches, Gorai is different from Juhu Chowpatty and Girgaum beaches.

It is a less known but beautiful beach in Mumbai and a must-see for anyone who loves to travel off the beaten track.

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  1. Is Gorai Beach open to the public?
    The BMC on Monday said gardens, beaches, grounds and seafronts would remain open to the public from 6 am to 10 pm now, from 5-9 am earlier. Mumbai has 860 gardens, 318 grounds and beach fronts at Girgaum, Dadar, Versova, Juhu, Aksa and Gorai.

  2. Is Gorai Beach Safe?
    Gorai is one of the safest beaches around. It slopes very gently into the sea, and non-swimmers won’t find themselves suddenly thrust into the deep.

  3. How do I get to Gorai Beach?
    It is located around 40 km from Mumbai. From Uttan Road you can drive down to the beach. Take a ferry from ‘Gorai Ferry Point’, 3 km from Borivali. Hire a local rickshaw or take a bus to reach the ferry point from Borivali station.

  4. Is Gorai Beach clean?
    Beach is one of the peaceful and Clean Beaches in Mumbai and is considered the college-goers Mecca. It is a black sand beach that you can reach by road. You can drive to the beach or take a ferry to get to this place.

  5. Is Gorai beach safe for couples?
    The beach is one of the good beaches to enjoy. You will seldom find & peace at this beach. Any day it is not crowded and is very neat & clean.

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