I Will Fly Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 11th

Summary of I Will Fly

I Will Fly Summary – He discusses young people’s fears and problems, as well as ways to overcome them and achieve their goals. When I wish upon a star, it makes no difference who I am. This is because if we truly want something, we work hard for it rather than simply wishing for it from the stars.

The Youth and the Future

Abdul Kalam acknowledges how the contributions of young people have benefited the world in a variety of fields. He asserts that no youth today should be concerned about the future because the ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful thing ever. He says he’d like to talk to his young friends about the topic “I was born with wings.” The previous year, Kalam visited a village to launch a programme called Sasthrayaan, which means ‘the propagation of science’.

This programme aimed to prepare students from various rural schools to become engineers, scientists, doctors, managers, and civil servants. Kalam’s inaugural address to an audience of students and their families focused on the theme ‘Science Empowers the Nation’. Many people had questions. He chose twelve students at random to ask questions due to time constraints.

The Young Village Boy’s Question

Kalam would like to share one of these questions with us. He was a typical representative of Indian youth. He stated that he needed confidence but had not gained any through his education in all these years. Whenever he spoke, he compared himself to other students and their lovely clothes. He wanted to travel on a ship, captain it, and build its engine.

He asked Kalam if he would be able to do all of this and how he should accomplish his goal. When the boy finished his question, the entire audience looked at Kalam, wondering what he would say. Kalam stated that the boy had asked him the most difficult question, which he valued because it demonstrated the fear of many. I am not meant to crawl; I have wings, and I will fly and fly. This poem encourages us to use our abilities and ideas to accomplish our goals.

How to be Unique

Kalam says he wants to talk with his young friends about how they can be unique. He had met fifteen million youth in a decade and discovered that every youth desired to be unique. The world around them was doing its best to make them look like everyone else. At home, they were told to act more like the neighbors’ children.

At school, they were told to emulate the class leaders. People constantly asked children to be someone else or to be like everyone else. The challenge, according to Kalam, is that every youth must fight the most difficult battle that any human being can imagine, and not stop fighting until they become a unique individual.


Although it is natural to be concerned about our future, we must believe in ourselves and our abilities because this will allow us to fly and achieve our goals. We must fight to be unique in a world that seeks to conform us.

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