How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Summary by Sudha Murty

Summary of How I Taught My Grandmother To Read

How I Taught My Grandmother To Read Summary – This is a story about the desire to learn and the humility needed to learn at any age and from anyone. The author was a young girl who lived with her grandmother, Krishtakka, whom she adored. She was a devoted and loving mother to her family. Show also enjoyed hearing her stepdaughter narrate stories from her favourite magazine. She was illiterate and relied on the author/narrator to understand the story.

How I Taught My Grandmother To Read Summary in English

The story was called Kashi Yatre, and it was about an elderly woman who wanted to go on a pilgrimage to Kashi to express her devotion to the divine. When she discovered an orphaned and helpless girl, she decided to cancel her plans and fund the girl’s care instead. Serving a helpless child seemed like a greater pilgrimage to her.

The story was written in the form of snippets and chapters for a weekly magazine. Krishtakka would tell her friends in the village courtyard about the weekly chapter after the granddaughter had read it to her. The author once had to go to her cousin’s house to do some weeding. She was forced to overstay and returned to her grandmother after a week. When she entered the house, she noticed her grandmother crying. In the author’s absence, the weekly magazine arrived as usual, but grandmother was unable to read a single letter.

She spent her entire life caring for her family but never had the opportunity to learn the language. She was in tears over her failed attempts to read the story. The author consoled her and promised to teach her starting the next day. They set a deadline of the next Saraswati Puja to work according to plan.

Krishtakka was a dedicated and hardworking student who learned the language within the allotted time. On the day of her graduation, she asked the author to accompany her into the temple. She bent down, touched her feet, and handed her a cloth. This was her way of paying respect and honouring her teacher, who also happened to be his granddaughter.

The author was embarrassed, but she accepted the offer because she understood that learning had no age, gender, or race. When she opened the cover, she discovered ‘Kashi Yatre’, her favourite story. The most important lessons from the story are about passion and dedication to learning. It requires hard work, determination, and humility.

If the grandmother believed her granddaughter was too young or inexperienced to teach her, she could have learned from her. To open doors to knowledge and understanding, one must humble oneself.

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