“Inventory of Life: A List Poem”

As a poet, I often find myself struggling to put my thoughts into words. But sometimes, the simplest way to express oneself is by creating a list. A list poem, to be precise. It’s a form of poetry that may seem straightforward and uncomplicated, but in reality, it’s a beautiful way of organizing one’s thoughts and ideas. List poem can cover a wide range of topics, from mundane tasks to deep emotions, and everything in between. So, let’s delve into the world of list poem and discover how it can help us express ourselves in ways we never thought possible.

“Inventory of Life: A List Poem”

The List Maker’s Lament”

I make lists all day and night,
To keep my mind and tasks in sight.
I jot them down on paper white,
To make sure nothing slips from sight.

Groceries, errands, bills to pay,
Each item checked off day by day.
But sometimes I can’t help but say,
I wish I could just run away.

Away from lists that never end,
From tasks that always seem to blend.
But then again, they are my friend,
My constant guide until the end.

“The List of Life’s Wonders”

In this world of beauty and grace,
There are wonders we can’t replace.
From mountains high to ocean’s embrace,
Here’s a list of life’s amazing space.

The stars that shine so bright at night,
The flowers that bloom in morning’s light.
The rain that falls from up above,
The animals that we love.

The laughter of a newborn child,
The moments that make us smile.
The love that keeps us going strong,
The beauty that surrounds us all along.

“The Bucket List”

There are things I want to do and see,
Before my time on Earth is free.
Here’s a list of what I hope will be,
My life’s adventures, just for me.

Visit Paris, the city of lights,
Swim with dolphins in crystal-clear sights.
Climb a mountain, see the view,
Write a book, something new.

Learn a language, maybe two,
Find a love that’s tried and true.
Travel the world, explore each place,
And live my life with so much grace.

These are just a few things on my list,
But there’s so much more that can’t be missed.
Life is short, and time won’t persist,
So I’ll make the most of it, just like this.

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