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Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni Inspiring Quotes for a Life of Karma

Welcome to a world where wisdom resides in simplicity and actions speak louder than words. “Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni” encapsulates this profound philosophy, teaching us valuable life lessons through its timeless quotes. In this extraordinary realm, profound truths are unveiled, guiding us towards a path of integrity, accountability, and the unbreakable bond between our deeds and their consequences. Join us on this journey as we explore the profound wisdom behind “Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni” quotes.

30 Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni Quotes in English

You write the karmic accounts of life yourself, so choose your actions after thinking carefully.

Karma of the driver is also a driver, so be alert and keep an eye on your actions.

Time keeps changing, but the effect of karma is always there, so do good deeds and expect good results.

The way you treat people, you will get the same treatment, so choose your actions wisely.

It is your job to bring smile on people’s faces, so do good deeds and be happy.

Even if people cheat you, don’t hate your actions because it shows your real face.

The better you do, the better you will get, so always do your work with truth and honesty.

You get the fruits of your Karma after some time, so be patient and believe in your hard work.

Even while doing wrong deeds, you think that if God was standing in front of you, would he be happy with your actions?

Karma and luck have a very deep relationship, so do good deeds and write your own destiny.

Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni Quotes 

People with weak heart are hiding from their actions, but the truth is bound to come out with time.

People’s words should not become a burden on your shoulders, so behave with your actions in such a way that pleases your heart.

If there is some victory in the game of the world, then some have to be lost, but never be afraid of your actions and always play with courage.

The way you give support to others, you will get support in the same way, so pay attention to your actions.

Do your work, don’t worry about the result, because you will get the result as you have to do.

Luck can bring you on the right path, but the work is only yours, pay attention to your work.

The big thinking of big people leads to big deeds, so by holding big dreams, make your actions big.

What the world will tell you is more important than what you call yourself, always be proud of what you do.

Karma has a boomerang, what you send, you will get back, so always fill your actions with good deeds.

Don’t leave life’s choices to anyone other than yourself, always pursue your actions.

Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni Quotes in English

Do your work, don’t worry about the result, because the result is not in your hands anyway, focus on your actions.

As you do, so you get, this saying is true, so always do your work after thinking carefully.

Instead of filling someone else’s pocket, fill the pocket of your heart with your actions, because it is more valuable than money.

Karma’s mercy is big, control it on your actions and always do good deeds.

God can help you, but you have to go ahead with your own actions, trust your karma.

Your actions tell what the world thinks of you, pay attention to your actions and support the truth.

It is true that you will get what you do, do good deeds for it and expect good results.

It is more important than the big thinking of big people that your actions should be big, always make your actions big.

Do your best, let your luck be in your own hands, so focus on your actions and make your dreams come true.

To be successful in life, it is not only necessary to think, but also to do, so always do your work properly and in a social manner.

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As we conclude our exploration of Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni Quotes, we are reminded of the profound interconnectedness of our actions and their consequences. These insightful quotes, rooted in the wisdom of ancient teachings, emphasize the significance of cultivating virtuous deeds and embracing responsibility for their outcomes. They serve as a gentle reminder that our choices reverberate throughout our lives and beyond, shaping the world we inhabit. Let us embrace this profound understanding and strive to manifest positive change through our actions, knowing that what we sow, we shall inevitably reap.

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