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#MumbaiRains : Latest Mumbai Rain twitter update for 10 -11 October

Read the Mumbai Rain twitter Latest update for 10 and 11 October here from the trusted weather service at single page and get notified about the weather.

Trusted Mumbai weather man tweeted “Interior Maharashtra especially Western Maharashtra & Marathwada will get heavy thunderstorms next 72 hours. Even Mumbai & surrounding areas likely to get thunderstorms at least on one of the day. #MumbaiRains”

Tweeter handle Nature observer wrote “Evening update at 19:45 ⛈️⛈️ Rain and thunderstorms likely between 10 October to Early Oct 11 – 15th October between this period may be heavy Thundershower, for #Mumbai #Thane #Kalyan adjoining areas, activity mainly during night hrs discountinous wind,#MumbaiRains”

Mumbai Nowcast tweeted about Mumbai rain “Thunderstorm might start as early as today evening⚠️. Will issue nowcast warning around 4 PM. Stay tuned. #MumbaiRains”

Mumbai Nowcast a famous weather forecast service in mumbai predicted for Mumbai Rain update for 10 October “Nowcast Alert ⚠️#Pune has started getting #Thunderstorms with many parts reporting heavy rains and thundering. #Mumbai #Thane #Navimumbai & #Kalyan most likely to get Thunderstorm today evening as all factors are favourable⚠️⚠️ Plan travel accordingly ⚠️ #Punerains #MumbaiRains”

ThaneWeatherman tweeted “Till 13th evening thundershowers. This maybe last round if thunderstorms this season. Monsoon withdrawal 17th-21st oct. In mmr dry weather from 15th. #Mumbairains”

Kachwala Abizer tweeted #MumbaiRains Update ‼️⚠️ Strong Cumulonimbus clouds have formed over Pune , Ahmednagar district and even Raigad. #Mumbai – #Thane no tstorms warnings for next 2 hours.”

ThaneWeatherman tweeted about Mumbai rain To all those who asking when will monsoon withdraw. From 14th/15th dry weather is expected. But withdrawal maybe announced around 17th October. But from 15th no rains. #MumbaiRains

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