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Love Mumbai installation – The Sign for People of Mumbai

Love Mumbai Installation – Sign You see Everywhere in Mumbai

“Love Mumbai” the unique installation symbol of the city of Mumbai was unveiled during the prestigious annual Kala Ghoda Cultural Festival. The art installation by Love Mumbai integrates the heart, the universal symbol of love, in Devanagari script. The installation expresses the deep feelings and thoughts of the people of Mumbai. And love has a strong rootedness and connection to the city.

The installation “Love Mumbai” is by art collective ST Art, known for its amazing works that turn ordinary-looking streets into fairy tales. They shared your work at Delhi Lodhi Colony. Where they changed the face of the streets of India’s first public art district. Given that Delhi has its first public art district in the colony of Lodhi. ST Art India set out to make Mumbai a beautiful city, and their installation found a permanent place in the city.

The Love Mumbai installation was unveiled at Bandra Reclamation on March 2016 in the presence of Mrs. Snehal Ambekar, the Honorable Mayor of Mumbai, Mr. Eknath Shinde, the Honorable MSRDC Aditya Thackeray, the Head of Yuva Sena and the dignitaries of Asian painting.

Asian Paints and The ST+Art India Foundation’s Installation

Asian Paints and the ST Art India Foundation have created iconic “Love Mumbai” installation. In a joint effort to show their love for a Mumbai City that never sleeps. Venture said that “We are grateful to both of them for offering the prime panoramic location of Bandra. And the sea connection to install the installation unveiled during the redevelopment of Bandra.”

Hitesh Malaviya (Rocky) associate degreed Hanif Kureshi has designed the Installation for an initiative. By the art collective St+art Asian nation and Asian Paints. On its Facebook page, St+art Asian nation wrote, “Hoping that this trade installation can become synonymous to city.”

love mumbai installation
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St+Art Asian country had written to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation requesting that the installation incline a permanent target the town. And was joined by Humans of Mumbai that started a petition to form it a locality of the town landscape.

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Brief History of Mumbai.

Mumbai is a huge city full of joy, charm, speed, stories and dreams. The immortal spirit of the city takes shape that the whole world can see.

History Mumbai is the largest urban area in the world and has been called “Bombay” since 1996. The name “Mumbai” comes from the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi. She was the patron saint of salt-collectors, fishermen and natives of the seven islands that make up Mumbai Bay. Records of Bombay originate from a Portuguese name for the city, Bom Bahia (“good bay”).

Portugal conquered historic Mumbai in 1508 AD after conquering the city from the Arab Sultanate of Gujarat. Portugal gave Bombay to Britain in the early days of the Seven Islands as a dowry for the marriage of a Portuguese princess. But this has only recently happened : Mumbai was part of the kingdom of Ashoka, the famous Emperor of India in 300 BC.

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Love Mumbai Installation is Installed at Bandra Reclamation

It seems that Mumbai is in the process of getting its own installation that embodies the spirit of Amsterdam. The so-called “Love Mumbai” installation, which was shown at the beginning of the Kala Ghoda Festival 2016. It is permanently restored at a location on the promenade in Bandra.

St Art urged the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to include this installation in the city’s art map. The Facebook group Human Bombay has launched an online petition. Calling on Mumbai residents to make the installation part of the urban landscape. The Admin of Facebook Group Said “I had wanted an installation in our city for years. And fell in love with it when Aditya Thackeray, leader of Shiv Sena’s youth wing, saw it at FB in Kala Ghoda.

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Love Mumbai Installation : Must Visit Place in Mumbai

ST Arts typographic Love Mumbai installation is a way to plant new ideas to represent the city. It’s a city that makes my heart sing, especially in the beginning of winter when I wrap myself in a scarf, sip ginger tea from a small earthen cup and practice my dilettante Bangla.

If that’s one thing on trend at this year’s Kala Ghoda Art Festival, it’s selfies. Selfie trends you should look at, something you don’t want to miss.

Love Mumbai Sign Installation from the Kala Ghoda pageant in city is obtaining a permanent place within the town. On March 2016, the ‘Love Mumbai’ Sign installation was established at the Promenade at Bandra Reclamation.

This year there are 95 art installations at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and they continue to be small monuments. The Monuments of inspiration for artists and art lovers. As they serve as different backdrops and props for selfies and photos in general. To capitalize on this madness, Love Mumbaia is an installation by the ST Art Foundation and the Mumbai Association of Asian Paints.

Rest assured, Love Mumbai installation are going to be each Mumbaikar’s new favorite issue to Instagram and take a selfie with! Don’t forget to save my My Mumbai Post Website for More Content.

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