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Heartfelt Maa baap quotes in English

Maa Baap, the two most precious and significant people in our lives. They are the ones who gave us life, raised us with unconditional love, and taught us valuable lessons. Here are some heartfelt Maa baap quotes in English that honor their selfless devotion and unwavering support.

42 Maa baap quotes in English

“The love of parents is always true, because of this one should always listen to their words from the heart.”

No one is greater than the parents, to keep them happy is to keep God happy.

Parent’s love priceless, don’t lose their love for it.

Parents always choose the right path for their children, it should always be heard.

The love of parents can never decrease, so they should always be respected. -Maa baap quotes in English

Parents dedicate their lives in the name of their children, that’s why they should always be supported.

We can live happily only with the blessings of our parents, we should always thank them for their blessings.

Parents do everything for us, for this we should always talk to them with respect.

The love of parents can never be understood, that’s why always understand them with love.

Parents quotes and captions

“Getting the love of parents is a great happiness, but keeping them happy, serving them and fulfilling their dreams, this is a great purpose of life.”

Our life is incomplete without our parents, that’s why they should always support us.

Parents’ happiness is our happiness, so they should always be kept happy.

We should always respect our parents because they are the most important part of our life.

Time with parents is very important, because without them our life is incomplete.

Parents pray for us, their blessings should always be thanked. -Maa baap quotes in English

Parents are the biggest wealth of our life.

The love of parents always remains in our life, so we should always remember to appreciate them.

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Parents quotes and captions

“Parents are our first teachers, they learn in our life that the most important thing in life is each other’s company.”

Parents are the companion of all the happiness and pain of our life.

The journey of our life becomes successful only by the blessings of our parents.

Our place is in the lap of our parents, without them we are incomplete.

There is no value for the love of parents, their love is priceless. -Maa baap quotes in English

Parents have only one purpose in life, the happiness of their children.

A home is incomplete without the love and affection of parents.

With the love of parents every difficulty becomes easy.

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Maa baap quotes in English

“Spending time with parents, fulfilling their dreams, this is an important purpose of life.”

There is no greater love than the love of parents.

Parents are our pillars of inspiration, they always inspire us in life.

Our life becomes successful only because of the love of parents.

The love and caress of parents is the biggest happiness for our life. -Maa baap quotes in English

Serving our parents, fulfilling their dreams and keeping them happy is our religion.

Parents are the biggest blessing in human life. – Rahul Gandhi

Parents are such an initiative for a human being, which is never forgotten. – Narendra Modi

Parents take care of us at every stage of life. – Amitabh Bachchan

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Maa baap quotes in English

“Parents give such strength to a person that he can fight with all the difficulties of the world. – A P J Abdul Kalam”

Parents are the targets for us who are always right. – M S Dhoni

Difficulties also become easy when there is the blessings of the parents. – Shahrukh Khan

We should be thankful to our parents because they have brought us into this world. – Akshay Kumar

Without parents, lovers like us are also incomplete. – Ranbir Kapoor

Parents’ hands always protect us. – Virat Kohli (-Maa baap quotes in English)

Parents are the wealth for us which we never want. – Priyanka Chopra

The biggest religion is to keep parents happy. – Rajinikanth

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