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Marve Beach Mumbai – How to Reach, Food and Guide

Marve Beach Mumbai is a beautiful beach located on the western outskirts of Malad Mumbai, India. Hotel Map Marve Beach View all hotels, motels, accommodation, and attractions in beach.

Once you get to Marve beach, there is a Cool breeze, stunning sunset views, and those boats sailing on the wide Arabian Sea. The panoramic sea and this clean sand will make your day unforgettable.

Decent Mumbai Beach Introduction Away from industrial pollution and chaotic city life, the western outskirts of Mumbai. While the clean, serene beach town is beautiful and offers clear sea views, it doesn’t offer many water sports and entertainment opportunities.

The Marve Beach area is a fascinating tourist destination to spend time away from the monotony of city life.

Walk along the coast. A clean, serene beach is where to just sit and watch the waves crash against the shore. You can walk to the beach, see photos and even take a ferry to another island.

Food stalls and street vendors sell a variety of local snacks, street food, and fresh fruit on a clean and hay beach.

Marve Beach mumbai sunset

This long stretch of coastal beach in Malad, on the outskirts of Mumbai (northern) on the western railway line, has several 5-star hotels and many other small resorts and cottages. It makes this tourist beaches a great place to stay. Take a break from the bustling city (Weekend Gateway).

Suppose you are looking for a place near Mumbai to relax and enjoy nature. In that case, Marve Manori beach is definitely a good option.

From here, you can take a bus to Manori Beach, Goria Beach, Uttana, Essel World, etc. From here, you can take a ferry to nearby islands and beaches such as Madh Island and Manori Beach, among other places.

How to Reach

The best time to visit the beach is in the morning when you can watch the fishermen bring their boats to the shore and sit on the shore sorting the fish.

The beach is close to the Malad West train station on the Western Railway Line. Traffic on the beach is limited as the beach is narrow and very close to the INS Hamla camp.

What to explore at Marve beach Mumbai

Tourists can reach Mumbai from India by train and then quickly get to Marve Manori beach by train. Since beach is only 40 km from Mumbai, tourists can quickly fly to Mumbai and travel to Manori by car or train.

A visit to Marve Beach will give you a broader understanding of the different cultures and traditions of the city. Whether in the north, south or somewhere far away in eastern India, you can get to Mumbai by train.

Indian Naval Base – INS Hamla is also nearby and you can see its Javanese exercising on a decent beach early in the morning.

Apart from small villages, a couple of shops here are very secluded, as is Marve Beach Mumbai Suburb (North).

marve beach kids playing

If you are already on Marve Beach, don’t miss the remains of the ancient and historic Madh Fort, address (Kileshwar Mahadev Mandir, Kileshwar Road, Madh, Ambu Bet, Madh, bustling city).

Eastern Indian Catholics were the very few original Mumbai citizens who still reside in the seaside resorts of Marve Madh.

Maritime services for Essel World and Water Kingdom amusement parks and Manori Beach are available in the northern part of Mumbai.

Drishti It’s in Malad West. You can take bus 272 from Malad West. Opp Kasturba Talkies. You can also visit easel world and water kingdom and made manori. uttan. Mountain beach.

After reaching the beach decently what goes to Manori, there are 5 rupees per person, and for bikes, they are 20 rupees.

This section is currently under construction with recent government approval for a sea link from Memory to Marve. Skip the islands on ferries: The city is a gateway to many nearby tourist spots.

The eight beaches and coasts listed as unsafe in the fire department’s report are Walkeshwar Worli, Dadar Chowpatty, Mahim, Bandra Har, Aksa, Manori, Gorai, and Marve.

The fire brigade’s report will serve as the basis for civil action to keep Mumbai residents safe on Mumbai’s beaches and waterfront.

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  1. Is Marve beach clean?
    Its nice clean beach completely owned by cost Gaurd or navy. There was some bridge construction work going on. Beach was clean with some fishing boat anchored at the beach. You can see Vipassana Pagoda from Marve beach.

  2. Where Is Marve Beach Located?
    western outskirts of Malad Mumbai, India.

  3. What Is Marve Beach?
    The Marve Beach area is a fascinating tourist destination to spend time away from the monotony of city life.

  4. What Are The Foods Available At Beach?
    Food stalls and street vendors sell a variety of local snacks, street food, and fresh fruit on a clean and hay beach.

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