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MPSC Long Form in Marathi Language

MPSC Long form in English

Well First of all welcome to the My Mumbai Post. This website is for People of Mumbai by the lover of Mumbai. Marathi one of the cute and fantastic language in heard and it fascinate me so much that I am trying to learn it and Now I have decided that I will run a series of Marathi full form series on this website so people get more aware about the glory of Marathi Language.

So today we gonna talk about MPSC Long Form in Marathi. MPSC is a basically shorter version of UPSC which is India’s toughest and most respected exam. You all know about UPSC so and in English full form is Union Public Service Commission. So MPSC long form is English is Maharashtra Public Service commission.

MPSC चा फुल फॉर्म मराठी मध्ये – Long form in Marathi Language

MPSC long form in Marathi : महाराष्ट्र पब्लिक सर्विस कमीशन (mahārāṣṭra pablika sarvisa kamīśana)

MPSC is a Marathi version of UPSC exams which allows only people of Maharashtra which is fair and aims that future civil officers of Maharashtra serve the people of Maharashtra at the fullest. There is no need to debate that MPSC officers are doing great job.

They knew from the beginning of the time that there is a need of local officers who understand the problem of locals and identify the root cause of problem. Then make decision for the welfare of the people of Maharashtra.

MPSC long form Marathi written photo
MPSC long form Marathi written photo with MPSC official logoMPSC long form in Marathi

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How many types of MPSC exams are there?

MPSC run approximately 15 types of exams in one colander year. Here is the list of all 15 MPSC Exams for class one, two and three.

  1. MPSC State Service Exam
  2. MPSC Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Exam
  3. MPSC Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector Exam
  4. MPSC Assistant Section Officer Exam
  5. MPSC Maharashtra Subordinate Services Combined Exam
  6. MPSC Police Sub Inspector Exam
  7. MPSC Maharashtra Group-C Services Combined Exam
  8. MPSC Maharashtra Agriculture Services Examination
  9. MPSC Maharashtra Forest Services Exam
  10. MPSC Maharashtra Engineering Services Combined Exam
  11. MPSC Assistant Section Officer Exam
  12. MPSC State Tax Inspector Exam
  13. MPSC Maharashtra Education Services (Group B) Exam
  14. MPSC Technical Assistant Exam
  15. MPSC Excise Sub inspector Exams

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