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Turkish TV series actor Omer Sevgi Biography

Omer Sevgi is a Turkish child actor who was born on May 1, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. Omer Sevgi co-starred in the Turkish TV series “Bizim Hikaye” (English: “Our Story”) on FOX TV, which is based on the British TV serial “Shameless.”

The social media star is best known for his official Instagram account. Omer Sevgi is one of the richest stars on Instagram and one of the most followed Instagram stars.

Bizim Hikaye

Burak Deniz and Hazal Kaya feature in the Turkish drama series Bizim Hikaye (English: Our Story). It’s a remake of the Shameless TV show from the United Kingdom. Its debut episode (released in September 2017) drew over 16 million views. The show aired for 70 episodes and was shot in Istanbul. Omer Sevgi played the role of the youngest boy in the house, Ismet Elibol.

Omer Sevgi is a famous Instagram star, born on May 1, 2014 in Turkey. He gained immense popularity through childhood modeling and personal life blogging. His Instagram audience has grown to over 40,000 followers. He has made such a fortune through his mainstream career as an Instagram star.

Omer Sevgi staring at camera


The Instagram account of child actor Omer Sevgi is maintained by his family and the account has more than 40k followers. He has posted over 35 photos on Instagram. The cute child actor attracts hundreds of likes on his pictures.

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Net worth of Omer Sevgi

Net Worth of Omer Sevgiis estimated at $600K Salary. However it is not clear because his parents have not disclosed it in public and we all know that he is a child. So his net worth is not that much valuable to the public but the parents who are looking forward to similar opportunities might be interested in such things.

Gossips about Omer Sevgi

There are several children in Our Story : Kiraz (Zeynep Selimoğlu), Fikret (Alp Akar), and Ismet, played by Ömer Sevgi. With his unmistakable curly hair, the endearing little one of the Elibol family is calm and smiling. She misses her mother and wishes she would come back into their lives. His father believes that this little boy will be an actor one day and will save him from his current life.

In fiction it hasn’t happened yet, but in real life that dream has come true. This ‘heart stealer’ was born in 2014 and at only three years old he already had a profile , managed by his father, where he shared his day to day with his more than 40,0000 followers. As a curiosity, despite his young age, he is a great fan of Besiktas.

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