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Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai was one of the most beautiful and most prominent tourist attractions in South Mumbai.

The 280-foot (85-meter) clock tower rises in front of the famous Oval Maidan and other Art Deco buildings in the area. The Rajabai Tower in Mumbai has a large clock seen from a distance.

Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai is a beautiful clock tower built during the reign of the British Empire in India. Today, the Rajabai Clock Tower sits beautifully on the campus of the University of Mumbai, and visitors marvel at its architectural details.

Mumbai’s Rajabai Tower has been closed to the public after many tourists’ repeated reports of suicide attempts. Rajabata has entered the history of India.

Visitors can admire the towers from the street or visit the Mumbai University campus for a closer look. Access to the building is restricted as it is on the campus of the University of Mumbai. The lovely interior is used for official business.

Only the outer campus is open to the public. A tower is a happy place for college students, who can enjoy beautiful sunsets thanks to the tall west-facing windows.

The gallery on the first level, at 68 feet, has most of the glow coming from within. The height from the gallery to the top of the tower is approximately 118 feet (36 m).

Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai History

The tower above the entrance is square, extending to the gallery at the top of the first level. There are two side rooms on the ground floor, and the tower forms an access portico.

One look at the building, and it will remind you of the iconic Big Ben in London.

Since its located in a trendy area in the south of Mumbai, getting to the tower is easy. The Rajabai Clock Tower is within walking distance of the famous Churchgate train station.

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It is a great comfort to us living in this UNESCO-respected area that the Rajabai Clock Tower has been so meticulously restored. “I didn’t want it to look like Disneyland,” said architect and urban ecologist Brinda Somaya, who led the project.

Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai embodies this idea and has been restored to rise above the cityscape as a timeless architectural representation of the history of Mumbai. Its founder was the sole contributor to the construction of the Rajabai.

Tower in Mumbai, so hopefully, it will be named after him. One condition put forward by BSE agent Premchand Richard was that the building must named after his mother, Rajabai.

Premchand Richard, a wealthy broker, donated part of the total construction cost. He founded the Bombay Stock Exchange because the tower is named after his mother, Rajabai.

When was built, it was the tallest building in Mumbai. It is made with [curl]() brownstone in local colors. The base is straw-coloreKurara stone, painted with a warm color temperature.

At the corners of the octagon are carved stone figures representing Western India’s different races and customs. On the outside of the tower are 24 beautiful and intricately carved statues believed to represent the various castes of India.

Made from the beautiful brown Kurla stone available in Mumbai at the time, the square tower is a truly unforgettable sight. As you walk along the Oval Maidan towards the Wellington Fountain, you definitely cannot miss the beautiful building on the Mumbai university campus.

Her mother became blind at the time, and urban legend has it that the tower was built so that she could tell what time of day it was by the hourly chimes that chimed on the building and filled Mumbai. According to Jain traditions and customs, his mother, Rajabai, died before sunset.

Manekiji Bala’s servant realized that the clothes might be related to their deaths, so he tied the clothes in a knot, took them to Khoja Ahmed Tuar, and tried to sell them to him for 5 rupees.

Another eyewitness saw Anty talking to one Manekji Aslaji and then to Police Superintendent McDermott. The police were alerted by Anty, assistant administrative clerk to Mrs. Conroy and Brown Solicitors, who said he saw a fight on the tower’s second floor between “two Hodges (wealthy merchants) and two Parsi girls” Anty.

Now that the tower has been restored to its former glory, stakeholders in the massive restoration and the people of Mumbai can expect it to shine and chime again, hopefully ushering in a bright new era for Mumbai.

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  1. Why is the rajabai clock tower famous?
    Rajabai Clock Tower is among the tallest structures in the area, and it is a glorious blend of Venetian-Gothic architecture. Some designer windows have lost their shine over the years, but this tower has one of the best stained-glass works in the city.

  2. Where is the rajabai clock tower situated?
    It is in the confines of the Fort campus at the University of Mumbai. It stands at 85 m (280 ft or 25 stories).

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