Scoops of Delight Indulge in Top Ice Cream Brands in India

Top 10 Ice Cream Brands in India

Are you looking for a refreshing way to beat the heat? Look no further than the top ice cream brands in India. From classic flavors to innovative creations, these brands offer a variety of options for every palate. Treat yourself to a delicious scoop and savor the sweetness of India’s finest ice cream.

Top 10 Ice Cream Brands in India with their short Description


Amul is a brand of ice cream in India. It was founded by Kishore Jaiswal, who started making ice cream in his kitchen at his home in New Delhi in 1948. Today, Amul sells over 2 billion liters of ice cream each year and has become the largest dairy cooperative in India with over 3 lakh members.

The NDDB also owns Amul’s parent company Hindustan Unilever Ltd., which manufactures many other products besides ice creams such as biscuits, detergents and toothpastes

Kwality Wall’s

Kwality Wall’s is a popular ice cream brand in India. It is also a famous brand in India. The company behind this ice cream brand is the Birla Group, which was founded by Birendra Lal Modi in 1948 and now has over 4800 employees worldwide with manufacturing facilities across 30 countries including China, Japan and USA.

The marketing strategy for Kwality Wall’s focuses on creating awareness about the product through different means such as TV commercials as well as an extensive print media campaign across various state capitals like Delhi NCR (National Capital Region), Lucknow Uttar Pradesh state capital etc., which helps them reach out to potential customers who would like to try something new every time they crave for something sweet!

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a famous ice cream brand in India. The company was founded by Irv Robbins on April 5, 1945 and named after his son Dick Baskin. It is currently owned by American investors, including Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital. The second largest ice cream brand in the world with over 2,500 outlets worldwide under its belt (including over 1,000 outlets in India), Baskin Robbins has been consistently rated among Forbes’ top 50 companies since 2010.

Baskin Robbins has been known for its unique flavors such as Rocky Road or Blue Moon which were introduced around the time when they opened their first store at Rajouri Garden near New Delhi railway station (now called Purana Mandir). The most popular flavors include vanilla bean cone with chocolate sprinkles; chocolate fudge swirl cone with fudge topping

and white chocolate ganache cone topped off with strawberry sauce

Vadilal Industries

Vadilal Industries is a leading ice cream brand in India. It was founded in 1921 and is today a privately held company with over 100 years of experience. The family-owned business has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the most well-known ice cream brands in India, offering an array of flavors from chocolate to strawberry & raspberry.

Vadilal’s products are available online at as well as on Amazon Prime Now, UberEats and more!

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is a brand of dairy products manufactured by the Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in India. It is a leading brand in India, with more than 75% share of the market. The company sells ice creams under this name or under other sub-brands like Havmor Ice Creams and Parle Ice Creams to compete with other players in their respective categories such as Baskin Robbins, Swensen’s and others.

Mother Dairy has been one of the most popular ice creams brands in India for years now because it offers wide range of products under different categories like milk ice cream, fruit ice cream etc..

Cream Bell

Cream Bell is a well-known ice cream brand in India. It is a popular brand in India and has been making delicious ice creams for many years. The company was founded by Mr. Rakesh Jain, who started the business with few employees and later grew it into one of the largest ice cream manufacturers in the country today.

Cream Bell’s products include vanilla cones, chocolate bars, cookies and other sweets that are loved by all age groups across generations!

Havmor Ice Cream

Havmor Ice Cream is a popular ice cream brand in India. The company has been around for many years, and it’s known for its wide range of products.

Havmor Ice Cream was founded by Rajeev Singh Chawla and his wife Bharti Singh Chawla in 1984. They opened their first shop at Delhi’s Connaught Place market where they sold only 2 flavors of ice cream: vanilla & chocolate chip cookie dough (which later became popular). Later on when they started selling other types of flavors like strawberry cheesecake, pineapple coconut and mango sticky rice pudding along with other desserts like samosas etc., they started getting orders from all over India including cities like Mumbai as well!

Arun Ice Creams

Arun Ice Creams is a popular ice cream brand in India. It was founded by the Rajapaksa family, who have been running the business since 1933. The company has been expanding rapidly and now operates over 200 outlets throughout India, with more than 100 abroad as well.

Arun Ice Creams offers standard flavours like chocolate and vanilla as well as seasonal specialties like rose petal or saffron pistachio flavoured ice creams that can be purchased from their online store or from any of their locations around the country.

Dinshaw’s Dairy Foods

Dinshaw’s Dairy Foods is a leading dairy products company in India. The company has a strong presence in the Indian market, and has been operating successfully since its inception in 1947 by an American immigrant named Sheldon Dinshaw. In addition to its flagship brand, Nido, which was launched in 1979 and remains one of India’s most popular ice creams today, Dinshaw’s also manufactures other popular brands such as Baby Food (introduced in 2003), Gajar Ka Halwa and Surti Chikki.

The Dinshaw Group comprises several companies under its umbrella including Almond Tree Farms Pvt Ltd., which produces almonds from trees on its farmlands at Bhandup West Road near Andheri East; Amul Dairy Products Pvt Ltd., which manufactures milk powder products such as Aam Aadmi Cheese Flavour Milk Powder & Cheddar Cheese Flavour Milk Powder & Cheddar Cheese Flavour Milk Powder ; Amul Ice Cream Factory Pvt Ltd., located at Azad Nagar Industrial Estate; Amul Ice Cream Parlour Pvt Ltd., located at Near Gautam Buddha International School; Bharti Air Conditioners Private Limited (BACPL), located near Thane railway station; Dish TV Private Limited , located near Shivaji Park Metro Station ; Goa Mercantile Bank Limited , located near Bandra Western Express Highway ; Good Earth Foods Private Limited , located Near Santacruz Metro Station .


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