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Shanti Sagar Resort | Hotel | Restaurant | Entry Fee

Shanti Sagar Resort And Water Park, Ambernath, Mumbai provides guests with a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make them feel at home.

This resort offers multi-bedroom options with all the necessary amenities such as TV, intercom, air conditioning, bathroom and Wi-Fi. Shanti Sagar Water Resort in Ambernath is one of the affordable and conveniently located water resorts.

Shanti Sagar Resort also has a small lake house where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant stay in nature. Waterpark fun – Shanti Sagar Resort Waterpark in Ambernath offers a variety of water activities for everyone.

This water park in Ambernath also has a children’s pool, so it’s the best place to spend time with your family.

The water park is located very close to Ambernath West train station. It will take a whole day to visit this water park from Mumbai as it is located on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Facilities Of Shanti Sagar Resort

Nice water park, went with friends. It is located in Ambernath, in the Thane district. In general, the park is good, suitable for children and adults. The entrance fee is cheaper than other water parks in Mumbai.

Shanti Sagar water park empty pool view
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Right from the booking staff to the security and lifeguards, everyone is very cooperative. Spacious parking for visitors. The food served here is delicious and there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Laughing Joker and Play Pan Water Shower are other places in the water park where you can cool off and have fun. Play in the amusement park.

Children also have a separate playground with many attractions for the little ones. You can sit in the shade or on the lawn and enjoy delicious meals with friends and family.

With its own restaurant, it serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The hotel also offers 50 fully-furnished rooms to make guests feel at home even in the midst of the wedding fuss. This resort includes a dining room where guests can enjoy delicious food.

These hotels are surrounded by many well-known restaurants serving local cuisine. Ambernas Krishna Palace Hotel and Ambernas S3 Park Hotel are popular.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there are many popular hotels in Ambernath to choose from. When traveling to Ambernath for the first time, many travelers find it difficult to choose a hotel to stay in.

Shanti Sagar water park pool party
source: TripAdvisor

How to Reach Shanti Sagar water park?

The nearest bus station is Jambhul Gaon bus station, which is less than 3 km from the theme park resort. The nearest train station is Ambarnath train station which is about 10 km from the theme park resort.

Shanti Sagar Resort And Water Park in Ambernath by Bus or Train.

You can simply drive an auto rickshaw or taxi from Ambarnath train station to the theme park resort. Ambernath railway station is the nearest railway station and you can get there by train from Mumbai.

The resort theme park is just 210 meters from Vasat Village Hindu Crematorium. An oasis of lush greenery just a few hours from the city center, this theme park resort is the best choice for holidays, especially for families, couples and friends.

Even the various areas such as the water park, the amusement park and the resort itself are surrounded by lush vegetation.

Shanti Sagar Resort also has a water park with a large pool and many water rides that you can ride from the large pool. Have fun in the pool. In addition to the water slides, you can have fun in the large pool.

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Interior Of The Resort

Best Water Park Slide, Best Resort, Shanti Sagar Resort & Water Park Shanti Sagar Resort & Water Park has a 30 person bungalow with private pool in Wasat near MIDC. Treat yourself to a peaceful, relaxing and relaxing holiday at Shanti Sagat Water Park.

Whether you want to relax with your loved one, spend quality time with your family, or spend a weekend with friends, Shanti Sagar Resort has you covered.

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If you are visiting a large group, you can choose from entry packages. They also have in-house DJs and do not allow outside providers. I think there are more rumors about unhygienic dogs along the way than there are visitors who came to Resort 7.

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Hi, nice family resort, out of town, with good views and seating, across the river. It’s a great experience in Nice in a family resort, it’s a nice and simple place for those who need some rest. If you like to spend money, time and happiness, then the resort is the best place to do it.

Nice place to have fun with family, friends and kids. but the service needs to be improved a lot, the water is full of leaves and wood debris, small frogs in the water, the food is not up to resort standard, the music is still good and so is the staff.

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