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Shayari Quotes in English – Expressing Emotions in Verses

Shayari is a beautiful form of Shayari that originated in ancient India. It is a unique way of expressing emotions and thoughts in verses that touch the heart and soul. From love to pain, happiness to sorrow, shayari quotes in English have the power to evoke deep emotions in the reader’s mind. Let’s explore the world of shayari and appreciate its beauty and artistry.

39 Shayari quotes in English

“Shayari is such an art that it touches the heart even without making any noise.”

The art of Shayari is the pride of our country.

Shayari is that beautiful thing that comes out of the heart.

For Shayari to express one’s thoughts is a true art. – shayari quotes in English

Shayari, is such an art in which there is magic of our speech.

The beauty of Shayari lies in the words that come out of our heart.

Through Shayari, we can give a beautiful form to our feelings.

Shayari quotes and captions

Shayari is such an art in which words have both beauty and effect.

Shayari quotes in English

“There is everything in the world of Shayari, there is love, there is hate, there is happiness, there is sorrow.”

Shayari is that beautiful tableau which our heart always remembers.

Shayari is such an art in which our speech and our thinking go hand in hand.

Shayari is such an art which can give a beautiful form to the pain of our heart.

Through Shayari we can make the precious moments of our life memorable.

Shayari is such an art that keeps the culture of our country intact. – shayari quotes in English

Shayari is that beautiful dream which always keeps our heart happy.

Shayari is such an art as the power of words can change our lives.

Poetry quotes in English

“Through Shayari, humans express all their emotions and feelings.”

Shayari is such a thing for which our emotions start speaking.

Writing Shayari lightens a person’s heart. – Flower Garden

Through Shayari, we can express our hidden feelings.

Life is incomplete without Shayari. – shayari quotes in English

The people of Shayari can say their words in a beautiful way.

Shayari is an art, and this art is only with some special people.

Shayari is a very powerful tool to express your heart.

Poems quotes in English

“Through Shayari, a person can get out his inner feelings and can convey them to others.”

Shayari is such a thing which makes human life beautiful.

Writing Shayari is a very therapeutic experience.

The right use of Shayari can bring many changes in a person’s life. – shayari quotes in English

Through Shayari, a person can express his feelings at any point in his life.

With the help of Shayari, a person can give a new form to his heart’s words.

Shayari is such a thing that happens to a human being in every moment of life.

Shayari is the language of love, the art of expression, and the song of the soul.

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Shayari quotes in English

“Shayari is not just a form of expression, it is the art of storytelling that connects us with our past, present, and future. – Kaifi Azmi”

Shayari is not just words, it is the voice of the heart that speaks to the soul. – Mirza Ghalib

Shayari is not just Shayari, it is the essence of life that makes every moment worth living. – Javed Akhtar

Shayari is like a mirror that reflects the beauty of life in all its shades. – Gulzar – shayari quotes in English

Shayari is the fragrance of emotions that lingers in the heart long after the words have been spoken. – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Shayari is not just about rhyming words, it is about creating a world of emotions that touch the heart. – Nida Fazli

Shayari is like a river that flows through the heart, carrying with it the essence of life. – Sahir Ludhianvi

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