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Taraporewala Aquarium – Mumbai Best Travel Guide

Taraporewala Aquarium of Marine Drive Mumbai

Taraporewala Aquarium, is located at Church gate, Mumbai the oldest aquarium in India, is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. Locals frequent this location with their families, and many children go here during field trips from schools .It was inaugurated in 1951. 400000 people visit Taraporewala Aquarium each years .

It now includes a 12-foot-long glass tunnel with a 360-degree view. The kid-specific pool where kids may touch and feel the harmless fish is another fascinating feature. The fish are put in a big glass aquarium that has LED illumination inside of it. It includes more than 400 species.The biggest tank has a 22,000 litre capacity.

Exotic species that are readily available internationally have been added to the Aquarium.

History Of Taraporewala, Mumbai

The Taraporewala Aquarium was constructed in 1951 at a cost of Rs. 8,00,000. (around 12,000 USD).Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the India’s first president, opened the aquarium. A Parsee philanthropist called DB Taraporewala (Rs. 2,00,000–3,000 USD) made the largest contribution to the aquarium, which bears his name.

Top 13 Fish Species at Taraporewala

  1. Golden damselfish, moon tail, chocoa, striped, electric blue, talbot, and sergeant major damsel are territorial fish species.
  1. butterflyfish: red perl, long-nose, copper band, chevron, and eight band
  1. Angelfish include the blue ring, regal, wraft, and emperor varieties.
  1. Triggerfish contain the undulated, Bluetooth, Picasso, and clown triggers.
  1. Moray eel, white ribbon, black ribbon, blue ribbon, and yellow head marine eels
  1. Marine touch pool featuring sea urchins, tube worms, fish, sea cucumbers, and more
Taraporewala - Aquarium - Mumbai
  1. Sweetlip, panther, orange-spotted, black-spotted groupers
  1. Tangs: powder blue, naso, orange shoulder, yellow, and powder brown
  1. Oranda, stone, red cap, rukin, and black moor are rare species.
  1. Other species include wrasse, sea anemone, negro, clarkii, bat fish, squirrel fish, golden travery, puffers, jellyfishes, kombada, lion and turkey fish, dwarf lion, whimple, moorish idol, and marine coral reef
  1. Rohu, Catla, and Mrigal Indian carps at the Paludarium tank
  1. Red tail, sucker, upside-down, and Asiatic catfish are among the tropical aquarium fishes.
  1. Octopuses, seahorses, alligators, fish, gigantic gourami, cichlids, koi, goldfish, sea turtles, red-eared sliders, and Singaporean turtles are among the additional species.

Aquarium Entrance Fee

  • Indian Adults is $60 per person (Age above 12 years)
  • 30 per person for children from India (Age between 3 to 12 years)
  • Concessionary Rates For Educational Institutes: $30 per person
  • For Retired Government Employees, 40 per person
  • 30 for each employee working for the government
  • Adults who are foreign tourists cost $200 each (Age above 12 years)
  • 100 per person for children of foreign tourists (Age between 3 to 12 years)
  • 30 per person for physically challenged or disabled individuals

Best 5 Highly Recommended Food Outlets To Visit Near Taraporewala Aquarium.

 Green Onion

1’st Marine Street Near Metro Cinema, Opp Gol Masjid, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400020 India

+91 22 2219 4040

CUISINES – Asian, Chinese, Indian, African, Thai

Dark Temptation

24/30 Federation House 1st Marine Street Opposite Metro Big Cenima, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400020 India

+91 22 2205 0069


 Shree Thaker Bhojanalay

Dadiseth Agyari Lane, Mumbai 400002 India

+91 22 2201 1232

CUISINES – Indian, Asian

5 Spice

91, Ground Floor, Shalimar Building, G Road, Near Everest Building, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400020 India

+91 22 2281 7157

CUISINES – Chinese, Asian

 The Catholic Gymkhana Limited

47-A, Netaji Subhash Road Marine Drive, Mumbai 400002 India

+91 22 2281 3260

CUISINES – Indian, Bar, Seafood, Pub

15 Highly recommended attractions nearby Taraporewala Aquarium.

  1. Marathi Sahitya Sangh Mandir (8-10 minutes from Taraporewala)

One of the top companies in the Auditoriums is Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh Mandir. Auditoriums, Marathi Drama Plays, Marathi Plays, Comedy Plays, Marathi Comedy Plays, Sir Premacha Kai Karaicha (Event), and many other things are also well-known in this country. 

  1. Gateway of India – (3.4 km from Taraporewala Aquarium) 

The Gateway of India is an arch-shaped monument that was erected in Bombay, India, during the 20th century. The memorial was built to honour King George V and Queen Mary’s arrival in Apollo Bunder during their 1911 journey to India.

  1. Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple – (30 to 35 minutes from Taraporewala Aquarium) 

The ISKCON collection of temples includes the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple. The International Society For Krishna Consciousness, or ISKCON, is a group in India. Lord Vishnu, together with his consorts Lord Vishakha and Lord Lalita, is the primary deity of the temple.

  1. Muktaa The Wellness Clinic (2.1 km from Taraporewala)

 A luxurious spa based in South Mumbai offering a wide variety of complete body treatments, with quality products in a highly hygienic environment.

  1. Girgaum Chowpatty (15 -20 minutes from Taraporewala Aquarium) 

 A public beach called Girgaon Chowpatty is located in the Girgaon neighbourhood of Mumbai, India’s Konkan region, along the Queen’s Necklace next to Marine Drive. The Charni Road railway station provides service to it.

  1. Babulnath Temple (30 – 35 minutes from Taraporewala Aquarium)

An old Shiva temple may be found in Mumbai, India, near Babulnath Mandir. One of the oldest mandirs in the city, it is located on a tiny hillside close to Girgaum Chowpatty. The principal god at this temple is Shiva, who is represented by the Lord of the Babul tree.

  1. Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum( 30 -35 minutes from Taraporewala)

Gandhi’s museum and historical home, known as Mani Bhavan (lit. “Jewel House”), is located on Laburnum Road in Mumbai’s Gamdevi neighbourhood. Between 1917 and 1934, Gandhi’s political operations in Mumbai were centred at Mani Bhavan.

  1. Mumba Devi Temple( 25 – 30  minutes from Taraporewala Aquarium) 

The oldest temple in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is called Mumba Devi Mandir, and it is devoted to the goddess Mumb, a local manifestation of the Devi Maa.

  1. Khaki Tours ( 2.7 km from Taraporewala Aquarium) 

Heritage enthusiasts may exchange tales and legends about the nooks and crannies that comprise Mumbai on the KHAKI TOURS website. The goal is to introduce “heritage conservation” to the general public from elite/intellectual groups.

  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus – 1.7 km from Taraporewala Aquarium

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a historic railway terminus in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The terminus was created in an extravagant Italian Gothic style by a British-born architectural engineer Frederick William Stevens, based on an early design by Axel Haig.

  1. Wankhede Stadium- 30 minutes from Taraporewala Aquarium

The Wankhede Stadium is a Mumbai international cricket stadium. Following improvements for the 2011 Cricket World Cup, the stadium presently has a capacity of 33,108. Prior to the refurbishment, the capacity was around 45,000.

  1. Marine Drive ( 1.8 km from Taraporewala Aquarium)

 In Mumbai, India, there is a 3 km long promenade called Marine Drive that runs beside Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. Pallonji Mistry created the promenade and the road. A six-lane concrete road in the shape of a “C” runs beside the shore of a natural harbour.

  1. Mumbai Moments – 2.8 km from Taraporewala Aquarium

“Mumbai Moments provides authentic, local, and best-customized Mumbai Tours such as private guided Mumbai Day Tours, Mumbai Shopping Tours, Mumbai single women tours, Solo woman tours, Slum tours, and Bollywood tours with high quality and world-class service.”

  1. Sukhdaa The Cultural Spa – 3.2 km from Taraporewala Aquarium

Sukhdaa, The Wellness Clinic & Cultural Spa, is a luxurious experience. It is India’s first culture themed spa, offering wellness solutions.

  1. Chowpatty Beach – 25 – 30 minutes from Taraporewala Aquarium 

Girgaon Chowpatty is a public beach on the Queen’s Necklace, adjacent to Marine Drive in Mumbai’s Girgaon neighbourhood, Konkan division, India. The Charni Road railway station serves it.

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FAQs About Taraporewala Aquarium Marine Drive Mumbai

Contact number

022 2282 1239 is a phone number.


How to reach taraporewala aquarium

By Bus: It takes 5 minutes to walk from SK Patil Garden to the Aquarium bus stop. The 66, 83, A-108, and C-86 bus routes all have stops close to Aquarium.

By Train: Taraporewala Aquarium is a 6-minute walk from the Charni Road train station.

By airport: You may take a cab or an auto to go to Taraporewala Aquarium from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is located 27 miles away.

 Taraporewala Aquarium Mumbai Timings

Monday Closed / Holiday

Tuesday , Wednesday,Thursday, Friday = 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm (1st, 3rd and 5th) ,10:00 am – 9:00 pm (2nd & 4th)

Sunday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Taraporewala Aquarium Mumbai Photography and Video Charges 

  • 500 Rs for Photography / Videos via Mobile Cameras
  • 1000 Rs for video and digital camera images and clips
  • 5000 Rs for Professional Still Cameras
  • 10,000 Rs for Professional Video Shoots

Aquarium to Nehru Planetarium

This Aquarium is 9 minutes away from Nehru Planetarium. The driving distance between Aquarium and Nehru Planetarium is approximately 8 kilometres or 5 miles. The time required to go a distance in a vehicle is referred to as travel time.

Map from taraporewala aquarium to nehru planetarium

Driving Period: 9 minutes

Taraporewala Aquarium to Charni Road Station

It is 3 minutes from from Charni Road Railway Station. The driving distance between Aquarium and Charni Road Railway Station is approximately 3 kilometres or 1.9 miles. The time required to go a distance in an automobile is referred to as travel time.

Map from taraporewala aquarium to charni road station

Driving Period: 3 – 4 minutes

Best time to visit

August, September, October, February, March, April

Is taraporewala aquarium open after lockdown

Yes, it is now open. excluding Monday


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