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The Bandra Bandstand Fort, Maharashtra – Best Travel Guide

The Bandra Bandstand Fort, also called the Castella de Aguada, is an old Portuguese fort located at Land’s End in the Bandra district of Mumbai. In the 16th century, The Portuguese built the beautiful Bandra Fort in Mumbai as Forte de Bandora or Castella de Aguada.

The fort is located in Bandra which offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the nearby Bandra-Worli maritime service. 

The fort is Bollywood’s favorite filming location, and many films have been filmed here. 

It is popular with locals who come here to relax and spend romantic moments with their soulmates.

The fort is located in Bandra, about 18 kilometers from the Gateway of India. 

The whole setting is filled with sea cliffs, beautiful palm groves, and a small dyke which makes Bandra Fort an imposing fortress in Mumbai. 

The name of the place is also derived from Bandra Fort. Vanderlei means old fort in Marathi, later pronounced Bandra by the colonists, and from that day, the same name is still used. 

Correctly, Fort Bandera should be called Fort Aguada. However, its Portuguese builders actually call it Fort Bandra.

Bandra Fort is also one of the forts which built as a defensive fort and to monitors the Arabian Sea along the outskirts of Mahim Bay in Bandra. 

It has is a large 374-year-old Portuguese building located on the Arabian Sea in Mahim Bay, a suburb of Bandra on the coast of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

Castella de Aguada, also known as Bandra Fort, is located 1 km from Mary Hill Church and 17 km from the Mumbai terminus of Chhatrapati Shivaji in Mumbai. 

An ancient fort at Land’s End in Bandera.

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Why The Bandra Bandstant Fort Was Built?

The Portuguese built the Bandra Fort respecting the strategic position. The fort overlooks Mahim Bay and the Arabian Sea in Mumbai. Taking advantage of their strategic location overlooking Mahim Bay, the entrance to Mahim Creek, and the former islands of Mumbai to the south. In 1640, The Portuguese built a fort and military outpost at Land’s End.

The Portuguese built several sea forts on the west coast of India to protect their interests in the spice trade. Mumbai was part of the northern province of Portugal, and they built several forts for administrative and surveillance purposes.

The goal was to explore the Arabian Sea, fortify the area, and control the sea route to Mumbai (called Bombay in those days). It was an important trade route, and a fort was built on the Mahim River to protect it. There was a freshwater estuary used as drinking water for passing boats.

The Portuguese built the fort as an outpost, marking the southernmost tip of the mainland. For the former 15 years, we have preserved this area, as well as the fort. 

The fort is still barricaded by the Maharashtra Maritime Council to prevent intrusion. Still, public areas must remain open,” said PK Das, the architect who designed the Lands End and Bandstand designs. 

In 2003, the Bandra Band Stand Residents Trust launched a conservation program to save Bandra Fort.

The Bandra Residents Trust (BBRT) was created along with the Saving the Water movement and now takes responsibility for Bandra’s waterfront and Land End Bandra. on the seafront near Castella de Aguada.

If you visit Bandra Fort at night, you will see the Bandra-Worli sea link. At night, this cable-stayed bridge shines with twinkling lights, and you can take random pictures from Castella de Aguada and many other places. 

Stay longer if you want to discover this place for some breathtaking photos of the sunset, the Bandra Worli sea communication, or the daily life of the people inside and outside the fort.

Enjoyment At Bandra Bandstand Fort

Many producers used the Mumbai area of ​​Bandra Fort for filming, such as other city forts in the Mumbai area, Worli Seaface and Vasai Fort. 

These strengths are the main backdrop for showing Mumbai in Indian cinemas. Along a side street from the homes of famous Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, with clear sea views, the fort struggles to find its place in Mumbai’s ever-changing landscape.

Wandering through the ruins. History buffs can feel the adrenaline rush by visiting the Castella de Aguada Bandra. 

Make the most of your time and explore Castella de Aguada, a park with breathtaking view of the Bandra Worli Sea Link.

Importance Of Bandra Bandstand Fort

The strategic importance of Castella de Aguada increased in 1661 after the Portuguese ceded the seven islands of Bombay. Immediately south of Bandra, to the British. 

Since 1661, when the British controlled the islands of Mumbai, it has gained great strategic importance, being located between two foreigners.

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  1. Who Built Bandra Fort?
    In the 16th century, Portuguese built the Bandra Fort as Forte de Bandora or Castella de Aguada.

  2. Is Parking Available At Bandra Fort?
    Yes, Parking Is Available at the Entrance.

  3. Who Lives In Bandra?
    4 Bollywood Famous Stars are living at Bandra in their richest bungalows and they are Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham, Lisa Ray’s, Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan, etc, and many more.

  4. When Was Bandra Fort Built?
    It was built in 1640 by the Portuguese as a surveillance station on Mahim bay in the South. The Northern Sea Route and the Arabian Sea in the West for Mumbai.

  5. How Did Bandra Gets Its Name?
    Bandra gets its name from the word ‘port’ which means ‘bandar’ in Marathi.

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