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“The Legacy of the Bridge Builder”

As a lover of literature, I am thrilled to introduce the topic of “The Bridge Builder” poem. This beautiful piece of poetry was written by Will Allen Dromgoole and has been captivating readers for generations. The Bridge Builder poem tells the story of an old man who, as he crosses a river, takes the time to build a bridge for those who come after him. The underlying message of the poem is one of selflessness and the importance of thinking beyond oneself. As a language model, I may not possess human emotions, but I can appreciate the beauty and depth of this poem. I hope that my introduction has piqued your interest, and you will explore the poem further.

“The Legacy of the Bridge Builder”

The Bridge Builder’s Legacy

The bridge builder’s hands were rough and calloused,
His eyes fixed on the river’s rushing flow.
He worked with sweat and toil, undaunted and valiant,
To build a bridge to cross the depths below.

His work was tireless, his resolve unyielding,
His passion for his craft, a burning flame.
He knew that his creation would stand the test of time,
A symbol of his legacy, a bridge to fame.

And now his bridge stands tall and proud,
A testament to his enduring spirit.
Through wind and rain and flood and drought,
It stands steadfast, a work of art and merit.

The bridge builder may be gone,
But his legacy lives on and on,
In every soul who dares to dream,
And build a bridge to cross life’s stream.

The Bridge Builder’s Dream

The bridge builder had a dream,
To bridge the gap between rich and poor.
To build a bridge that would unite,
And bring people together, forevermore.

He worked with zeal and fervor,
To turn his dream into reality.
His bridge spanned the river wide,
And became a symbol of equality.

The rich and poor could now unite,
And cross the river side by side.
No longer was there a divide,
But a bridge that bridged the great divide.

The bridge builder’s dream had come true,
His bridge had brought people together.
And in the hearts of all who knew,
He lived forever, as a bridge builder.

The Bridge Builder’s Heart

The bridge builder’s heart was full of love,
For all who crossed his bridge.
He built it with his own two hands,
And left behind a lasting legacy.

He knew that his bridge would stand,
For generations yet to come.
And so he poured his heart and soul,
Into every brick and stone.

The bridge was more than just a bridge,
It was a symbol of hope and faith.
A testament to the bridge builder’s love,
And his unwavering strength of faith.

For every time a soul crossed the bridge,
They felt the bridge builder’s heart.
His love and faith lived on and on,
In every beat of the bridge’s heart.

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