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Top 5 famous sweets shops in Mumbai : Because Mithai toh honi hi chaiye

Hope that everyone had fun this Diwali while celebrating the festival with your family and friend by lighting Diya’s, clicking amazing pictures for Instagram, bursting crackers, Lakshmi Pooja and most importantly having lots and lots of mithais (including sonpapdi). Diwali is associated with many things, but the most important thing among them is definitely sweets. Sure, Diwali just passed by but that cannot stop you from having mithai right? So, here’s a list of 5 of the famous sweets shops in Mumbai for your convenience.

Mumba Devi Jalebi Wala: Famous Sweets shops in Mumbai

Situated near the Mumba Devi temple, which is where Mumbai gets its name from, Mumba Devi Jalebi Wala is an iconic sweet shop and one of the most famous sweets shops in Mumbai. It brings you a dish loved by most Indians, the humble Jalebi. They sell jalebis by the kilo which is not at all surprising. You can’t possibly stop at just one or two and have some left for your friends and family.

Mumbadevi Jalebi Wala a perfect name to satisfy your sweet cravings If you want to have fresh Jalebis prepared in front of you which are spread over hot Desi Ghee or Shudh Ghee, using a muslin cloth, deep fried and carefully transferred to the saffron sugar syrup. .. Jalebis in the coveted golden hue, finally delivered to your home. Crunchy, orange and rolled up, the Jalebi and its unique shape are sure to mesmerize you, but its delicious taste makes it an unforgettable memory. Pair these hot jalebis with fafda & Papaya Chutney for an amazing combination.

Mumba Devi Jalebi Wala: 150 years old Famous Sweets shops in Mumbai

Address: 77, Near Mumbadevi Temple, Zaveri Bazaar, Kalbadevi, Mumbai India

Phone: 91 93245 27916

Hours of Operation:

Monday – 6:30am–9:30pm
Tuesday – 6:30am–9:30pm
Wednesday – 6:30am–9:30pm
Thursday – 6:30am–9:30pm
Friday – 6:30am–9:30pm
Saturday – 6:30am–9:30pm
Sunday – 6:30am–9:30pm

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MM Mithai Wala – Malad, Mumbai

Another famous sweets shops in Mumbai is known as MM Mithai Wala, the sweets in this place taste like heaven on earth. You can find varieties in bulk here. Kaju katli and rasmalai in this place taste great and are highly recommended. Other treats include kaju roll, cake burfi, anjeer burfi, cashew Cadbury ball, and not to mention the kesar shahi dried fruit box. You must try motichur and kaju mishran. The packaging done by the is quite attractive and can also be used for wedding functions and all festivals as well.

MM Mithai Wala outrance view Malad, Mumbai

M.M. Mithaiwala Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of Indian sweets and snacks. dried fruits, spices, grains, poppadoms (papads), mouth fresheners (mukhwas) and a wide variety of vegetarian foods based in Mumbai, India. Our clients include industrial canteens, hospitals, flight kitchens, 5 star hotels, wedding catering services and renowned multinational companies. We serve the national and international market by offering quality products at unbeatable prices.

Address: Kasturba Rd, opposite Railway Station, Malad, Vijaykar Wadi Industrial, Vijaykar Wadi, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phone: 022 2889 9502

Hours of Operation:

Friday – 7am–11pm
Saturday – 7am–11pm
Sunday – 7am–11pm
Monday – 7am–11pm
Tuesday – 7am–11pm
Wednesday – 7am–11pm
Thursday – 7am–11pm


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Shree Gangour – Juhu, Mumbai

Shree Gangour is the go-to place for people with sweet tooth, due to the wonderful selection of treats it offers and it is famous sweets shops among young and old people in Mumbai. Their modern twist to traditional Indian mithai by offering a delicious array of sweets is not worth missing. Eccentric pairings like Pineapple Halwa and Hazelnut Cream Tart, Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, and Kesar Pista Steamed Sandesh Pastry in addition to a variety of other offbeat offerings.

Gangour Sweets shop inside view

Address: Shree Gangour Sweets,16, Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre, Gulmohar, Cross Rd Number 9, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hours of operation:

Friday – 8:30am–11pm
Saturday – 8:30am–11pm
Sunday – 8:30am–11pm
Monday – 8:30am–11pm
Tuesday – 8:30am–11pm
Wednesday – 8:30am–11pm
Thursday – 8:30am–11pm

Joshi Budhakaka Mahim Halwawala

Like the store name suggests, their halwas are a mouthful too, but in a good way. This 200 year old shop is a legendary establishment in Mahim and the famous sweets shops in Mumbai from last 150 years among Mumbaikars. Their Jelly and Maharaja halwas are two of the bestsellers.

For diet conscious people, they have low calorie halwas that are great in taste and not in calories. Their Besan halwa is all time favorite to many customers. It is a great place to surprise your parents and grandparents if they enjoy authentic Indian desserts like Halwa.

200 years old most famous sweet shops in mumbai mahim halvawala

Address: 6 West,, Mahim Koliwada, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hours of operation:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 8am–9pm
Wednesday – 8am–9pm
Thursday – 8am–9pm
Friday – 8am–9pm
Saturday – 8am–9pm
Sunday – 8am–9pm

Phone: 022 2446 4022

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Vyanjan – Famous sweets shops in Andehri Mumbai

If you are craving Bengali sweets like Rasgulla, sondesh, Misti doi this is your ideal destination. It also offers authentic north Indian sweets too and not just the Bengali sweets but also the mali sweets taste really amazing and are worth a try jaleebi and kalakand barfi are the one you need to try if you visit this place highly recommended sweets here are Gulab jamuns and pedas and obviously the kalakand barfi.

Address: Shop No : 10, Oshiwara Link Plaza Bhau Tatoba Toraskar Marg Andheri West, near Oshiwara, Police Station, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Monday – 8:30am–11pm
Tuesday – 8:30am–11pm
Wednesday – 8:30am–11pm
Thursday – 8:30am–11pm
Friday – 8:30am–11pm
Saturday – 8:30am–11pm
Sunday – 8:30am–11pm

Phone: 07947241054

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