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Unveiling the Timeless Wisdom: Amrita Pritam Inspiring Quotes

Amrita Pritam was a celebrated Punjabi writer, poet, and novelist who won many prestigious literary awards during her lifetime. Her writings are known for their powerful portrayal of human emotions and Amrita Pritam inspiring quotes offer valuable life lessons. Let’s explore some of her timeless wisdom and gain insights that can help us navigate through life’s challenges.

30 Amrita Pritam Quotes in English

Amrita Pritam, was a great poet and writer who touched us deeply with her words and stories. The poems and stories written by him always displayed a social vision and soul-belief. Here are some of Amrita Pritam famous quotes:

“I fight with my words, not with sword, not with gun.”

“Being a man does not only mean physical strength, but it is also necessary to have society and sensitivity.”

“Understood love, only then its real meaning will be understood.”

“Life is a big test, which should be lived with courage, not with fear.”

“There is truth in stories, whether it is fiction or reality.”

“It doesn’t take the eyes to understand, it takes the heart.”

“Live life for yourself, learn the art of living life for other people.”

“As long as we have hope, we can fight against all odds.”

“Poetry has a radiance of truth, which can be expressed in any language.”

“As long as there is love and respect among people, right and wrong can be decided in the world.”

“Happiness and sorrow both are the colors of life, it is necessary to mix them.”

Amrita Pritam Quotes

“No compulsions make us broken, they make us strong.”

“Poetry is that which touches the heart, even if it is written with many words.”

“It is important to dream, but it is also necessary to work hard to fulfill them.”

“As long as we keep running after our dreams, life will run with us.”

“Koi dost hai na rakib hai, woh dil ka saudagar hai” – Never forget a true friend.

“There should never be a choice in life between love and education” – Love and education both are needed.

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“The support found in the heart of relationships is affinity” – The truth of life is known only from the loved ones.

“Khatir-e-jaan hai hamari, par pyaar to humne bhi kiya hai” – Sometimes love is necessary in life.

“At every turn of life, one must put himself in front” – It is important to have a clear vision of life.

Amrita Pritam Quotes in English

“There are only two types of people in the world – closed and open hearted” – open hearted people make us happy.

“With the power of Kalam, every word says something” – The power of words is immense.

“The bone of relationships is understanding, one should learn to maintain it” – Understanding is necessary to maintain our relationships.

“Sometimes in life you have to take a step without thinking” – Sometimes it is necessary to take a decision even without understanding it.

“At every turn of life, always found happiness” – Happiness is the truth of life.

“Success is a jewel of the mind, which cannot be bought” – Success is achieved by one’s own hard work.

“There is only one thing in the world, which we never want to lose – that is hope” – Without hope life remains incomplete.

“From the heart’s words, the real literature is to tell the truth” – Real literature comes out of the heart’s heart.

“Life is a game of luck, sometimes we lose, sometimes we win” – Sometimes in life there is victory and defeat.

“Life is a puppet, which has to handle itself” – It is necessary to support yourself in life.

Amrita Pritam quotes always make us think and understand. The social message and expression hidden in his poems and stories continue to influence us even today.

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