Saturday, May 25

Wipro work from office: It is mandatory to work from office for 3 days

Wipro work from office news: “Our offices will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Our carefully deliberated back-to-office policy is meant to allow employees the flexibility of remote work while ensuring that our teams can access experiences, as well as opportunities, and build meaningful relationships at work,” Wipro said.

Last month only Wipro had fired 300 employees and yesterday i.e. on Dussehra, another order (Wipro work from office) has come that Wipro employees are required to be present in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Friday for three days of the week. Now it is not understood whether to call it an order or a Tughlaqi decree? How can an employee who lives 1000 kms away from office, and is doing his work honestly, working with full dedication and devotion on whatever project he is, how can he come to office three days a week? It would be better if he starts living around the office again on the rent house and comes to the office every day, so that Wipro’s management can smile and the employee is unhappy.

After the Moonlighting controversy last month, Wipro’s decision is quite shocking and also childish. It is absolutely not wrong to say that Wipro wants to completely eliminate the work from home culture with this decision and their aim is to serve their own interest and by forcing their employees to come to the office three days a week. Will give

After the order of 3 days work from office of TCS, now Wipro has also come in the field and it has also issued this decree, well it has to be seen what happens next. Till then all Wipro employees pack your bags and get tickets, you will receive an email anytime from the wipro office. Well we believe that WFH culture should expand more and wipro needs to rethink about it. Wipro can tell employees to work on 3-6-3 model (3 months WFO and 6 months WFH and 3 months WFO).

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