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The Tamil Youtube Channel WowLife created by Archana Zara and Ann has received a huge support from the Tamil audiences and within one year the channel has got more than 700k subscribers and over 15 crore video views so far.

Archana Ann Zara Youtube Channel WowLife has received lakhs of views on everything from the occasional ‘Challenge’ video to cooking videos that are trending on social media from time to time.

What to look for?

The cool thing is that the Youtube channel is a family youtube channel and interestingly the channel is operated by a family! The youtube channel is very funny as well as informative.

Playlists of Wowlife

From ‘Comedy Time’ to ‘Big Boss’, Archana has been rocking. Opposite her is her daughter Zara. Archana’s sister, Ann, is trapped between them. If you want to see their comedy mixed atrocities, you can definitely visit the ‘Wow Life’ YouTube channel.

The different lifestyles of mother, daughter and sister can be seen separately on this channel. Launched over a year ago, the channel has so far uploaded over 200 videos so far. From the occasional trending ‘Challenge’ video on social media to cooking videos, everything has received millions of views.

wowlife YouTube logo

On work out, home specials, entertainment features, the topics they choose as Zara’s craft are all simple but enjoyable. The video recorded by the trio dancing together has gone over 2 million views.

Archana recorded some videos before going to the Big Boss show and videos were released from this channel while she was at home. Thinking to that extent and focusing on YouTube is very dedicated.

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Activities other than youtube

Other than youtube they had created a twitter account to post the notifications of their videos but that is not active since July 2020. They are popular on Instagram and have a following of over 51k and they regularly post updates on Instagram.

Overview of Wowlife channel

Despite uploading over a hundred videos, their number of followers was less but recently the channel has successfully attracted a large number of Tamil audiences. However, if you want to spend some time with your family, you can definitely choose Archana’s ‘WowLife’ channel.

Archana is Zaara’s mother’s name. She is an actress, anchor, singer, performer, and has played a variety of roles in the film business. Archana, Zaara’s mother, is her rock. She was a great motivator. Both are hosts of one of ZEE Tamil TV’s most popular game shows. As a result, they are gaining increasing popularity in Tamil Nadu, particularly in the small-screen business.

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