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Write a 300 word Character sketch of Oliver Lutkins in The Hack Driver

Character sketch of Oliver Lutkins in The Hack Driver

In the short story “The Hack Driver” by Sinclair Lewis, Oliver Lutkins is a fascinating character whose deceptive charm and cunning nature leave a lasting impression. Through his actions, Lewis portrays the dangers of trusting appearances and the consequences of deception. Let’s delve into a 300 word Character sketch of Oliver Lutkins in The Hack Driver for your school work or examination.

Character sketch of Oliver Lutkins

The protagonist of “The Hack Driver” by Sinclair Lewis is Oliver Lutkins, a cunning and deceitful young man. He has a charming personality and is a smooth talker, which he uses to manipulate people and obtain his objectives.

Lutkins is depicted as a cunning opportunist who is constantly looking to make a quick profit. He is an accomplished liar who knows how to craft a tale so that it sounds credible to anyone who hears it. The way he can make a bad situation profitable is a sign of his intelligence.

Despite his cunning, Lutkins has some shortcomings. He lacks empathy for others and is self-centered. He appears unconcerned with the results of his actions and is willing to take advantage of anyone who can assist him in achieving his objectives.

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Lutkins’ restlessness and constant movement are also apparent. He relishes the excitement and uncertainty that come with exploration. He doesn’t seem overly concerned about the future and appears to be living in the present.

Overall, Oliver Lutkins is a complex individual with a wide range of personality traits. Although he is a cunning schemer who is constantly seeking an advantage, he is also charming and charismatic. He likes to take chances and experience the excitement of the unknown, but he is also egotistical and lacks empathy. The dark side of human nature, the side that will do anything to succeed even if it means hurting others, is something that Lutkins embodies in many ways.

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