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Aaswad: A Swaadisht Misal pav destination in Dadar, Mumbai!

Aaswad Upahar & Mithai Grih located in Dadar is a restaurant which primarily serves Maharashtrian food. It is famous for its delicious Misal pav. We, like most other vegetarian establishments in Mumbai, have to queue even after 3.30 p.m., long after the ‘lunch hour’ has passed.

Despite this, and the fact that there were over a dozen names before ours, we were seated within 15 minutes. Aaswad Dadar is a straightforward canteen-style eatery with a menu that includes a fair mix of Mumbai munchies and Maharashtrian delicacies.

What does this perfect misal pav from Aaswad Dadar tastes like

Is Aaswad’s misal, a spicy green moong curry topped with fresh spices and crunchy farsan, superior to any other vegetarian dish on the planet?

Ans: An excellent misal is one that properly blends freshness and pungency. And it’s here that Aaswad’s misal shines.

Aaswad Uphar and Mithai grih shop exterior
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The brighter flavours of lime, kandha, dhania, and the salty crunch of farsan hit us first. However, the savoury aftertaste is nicely tempered by the sweeter notes of dalchini and anise. This is due to the usage of goda masala, a garam masala-like concoction that is used to complete many Maharashtrian foods.

The use of potatoes also helps to minimise the pungency by absorbing and toning down the spiciness of the seasoning, allowing the fresher flavours to shine through. Overall, we think it’s a winner.

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What else does Aaswad serve other than its famous Misal pav

Don’t miss their light and fluffy bhakri served with a side of pithale, a thick sabzi prepared with besan, spices, onions, and green chilli, and bharli wangi, a spicy baby-brinjal curry. Also, don’t miss the thalipeeth, a delectable roti cooked with roasted flour of mixed grains and pulses.

It certainly helps that it comes with the biggest dollop of handmade white butter you’ve ever seen. Finally, the Dalimbi Usal, which is served with hot puri, is a greener, fresher, and tangier misal. It’s prepared from val beans (also known as Fava) and coconut, and it’s a delightful surprise on the menu.

Important tip: The restaurant is closed every Monday. So never ever go to Aaswad Dadar on a Monday.

Location: Aswad Uphar, Sanskruti Building Gadkari Chauk, 4, Lady Jamshedji Road, opp. Shiv Sena Bhavan, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028.

Timings: 9:30am to 10:00pm

Instagram: Aaswad Dadar

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