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#AdipurushTeaser Review: Dear OM Raut Please release this project on PS5 and rename it 


Adipurush Teaser Review: The teaser of Adipurush has been released, and when we were watching this trailer, it seemed as if we are watching the teaser of a game, but after some time it was known that this is the teaser of Adipurush. After watching the teaser of Aadipurush, trust in Bollywood is gone and respect for Ramanand Sagar ji’s Ramayana has increased infinite time. 

If this film gets released, then mymumbaipost can tell you that this film will prove to be a super duper flop. This film is being said to be inspired by Ramayana, but seeing the teaser, it seemed as if we were watching a film related to a Mughal invader. We will not talk about VFX because a joke has been made in the name of VFX in the film, and to be honest, we are not compatible at all to write about VFX. But yes the mess that has been done with Ramayana is sad and Urduwood is following its agenda well.

Till now you have not seen the teaser, so we request you with folded hands, don’t watch the teaser. Talking about Hanuman ji, in this teaser, the appearance and costume of Hanuman ji has been completely changed by Bollywood and which is impossible for a religious person to see. The teaser of the film has disappointed me a lot, now let’s talk about the opinion of people on Twitter about the teaser of Adi Purush?

One twitter user named Shiva wrote “Respect for #SRK , #Raone and  #RedChilliesEntertainment , you guys were way ahead of time no one can you even now #AadiPurush #AadipurushTeaser #comedy”

Famous film critic wrote the review of Adipurush Teaser “Film #AdipurushTeaser is the proof that it’s a big mistake of producer #BhushanKumar who has spent ₹450Cr on the film. #Ramayana can’t be explained in just 3 hours. While Every single detail has already shown in the Serial #Ramayana!”

Another twitter user Sourabh Yadav wrote the review of Adipurush Teaser “The Image of Lord Ram in our mind is presented by @ssrajamouli  in front of us 🙏🙏❤️ #disappointed #Adipurush #AdipurushTeaser #BoycottbollywoodCompletely”

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Another tweeter user Shubham Jain wrote “#Adipurush #disappointed #disappointing #AdipurushTeaser #Ravan This song of Japanese animated movie from ramayana: the legend of Prince Rama is much better than adipurush teaser.”

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