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Best Laundry Service in Mumbai – Complete Online Solution for Wash

We are Mumbaikars we are considered as busiest people of India and yes we are, we live in the city of dreams we see this dreams not while sleeping we see this with open eyes. Mumbaikars love to wear clothes but when it comes to wash them we hire a dhobi to wash and iron them for us. But Again many times we fall in arguments with them about wash and delivery issue and many more and in the age of Internet don’t let your mind more just pick up your phone and check out these few best online and professional laundry service in Mumbai Maharashtra.

Experts and Professional Washers in Mumbai

There are always heated arguments and disputes between customers and local dhobi washers about compensation. They take garments for dry cleaning and pass them on to dhobi ghats who turn around and wash them with water from nearby wells. One word is used for at least 200 laundry of more than 500 dhobi: petrol laundry, they are repaired and do not know the answer to your question. It is best to discuss the delivery date with the service provider. Remember that professional laundry experts pick up and drop off the garments free of charge and only charge a small fee and in this article we are going to discuss about the best professional laundry service in Mumbai.

laundry service cleaning cloths mumbai

This best laundry services have expertise in washing and folding ironing and all laundry stuffs more of that they are team of professionals and experts in Mumbai that you might like to hire them the next wash.

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Laundry Door – The New age laundry solution in Mumbai

Shop Laundry Door is the best laundry service in Mumbai that offers a cheap laundry service for your laundry. Laundry Door is an affordable laundry service that can be picked up and delivered free of charge in Navi Mumbai. The washing and folding door offers washing and folding for under forty-five kilos and is one of the best cheap laundry in Mumbai.

The only requirement for an order is two kilograms of laundry. If you want to have your clothes ironed, you can do so for 95 rupees per kilo. They offer free delivery for a few days, but if you need delivery next day, you will be charged per garment.

The shop offer dry cleaning, ironing, carpeting, sofa cleaning, curtains, household goods, shoe care, steam presses, washing and folding bags and other services. They accept a minimum order of a kg and charge 55 rupees per kg of washable laundry, and are one of the most economical services. Services offered include washing, ironing, ironing, dry cleaning and washing shoes from fabric to leather.

Contact: +91 7338684010

Price List:

Wash and Fold: 55Rs. /Kilo

Wash and Iron: 95Rs. /Kilo

Dry Cleaning: Starts from Rs. 45/-

Express Laundry: 110Rs. /Kilo


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Spin n Press – App and website Based Laundry Service Mumbai

Shop Spin n Press is an app-based best laundry service for the people of Mumbai that guarantees that your clothes are in no time minty fresh and clean. they do the laundry at home and dry it in the sun, and the laundry man does the same. Spin n press offers free pick up your clothes at your doorstep.  

The professional laundry in Mumbai specialises in providing various cleaning services depending on the type of fabric. Most of the best laundry and dry cleaning providers in your area offer the following services. Mumbai has verified laundry service providers who take care of all localities.

Contact: +91 97698 97080

Online Deliveries : +91 75060 91467 (WhatsApp)


Address: Spin N Press Store, Altamount Rd, opp. Roman Stores, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026

Price List @Spin N press


Tshirt                                    ₹ 125

Shirt (w/starch)                  ₹ 125

Ladies Top                           ₹ 125

Sweater                                ₹ 175

Blouse                                   ₹ 105

Blouse (M) Work                  ₹ 150


Trouser                                ₹ 145

Shorts                                  ₹ 105

Short Skirt                           ₹ 120

Long Skirt                            ₹ 145

Jeans                                   ₹ 145

Palazo                                  ₹ 170

Salwar (w/starch)              ₹ 140


Party Dress                           ₹ 300

Party Dress (H) Work          ₹ 675

Short Dress                           ₹ 225

Dress (M) Work                    ₹ 500

Long Dress                            ₹ 350


Jacket Kids                       ₹ 200

Kids Wear                         ₹ 95

Kids Dress                        ₹ 160


Winter Jacket                   ₹ 600

Waist Coat                        ₹ 175

Leather Jacket                 ₹ 500

Jacket                                ₹ 300

For more details click here.

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My Cleaner Mumbai – Best Laundry Service in Mumbai – A International Franchise

Due to the busy and challenging Mumbai lifestyle My Cleaner has noticed the growing need for best laundry service in Mumbai and is happy to serve the city’s consumers. In India’s fastest-growing market sector, the working class has less time to care for their personal needs. In Mumbai and across India, people cheat in the name of dry cleaning and laundry.

Their various laundry packages are aimed at couples, individuals and families. They all offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery so you don’t have to waste time travelling. If you live in a western suburb of Mumbai, these cleaning services may be of interest to you.

About 7,000 people collect clothes from all corners of the city from Colaba to Virar. For 18-20 hours a day, they beat, scrub, dye and bleach clothes in concrete, wash them in pens, dry them on ropes, press them and transport them to different parts of Mumbai. The collection, processing, packaging and delivery is carried out by the Spin Presss team.

Contact: +91 9711 711 011

Online Deliveries : +91 75060 91467 (WhatsApp)


Address: Spin N Press Store, Altamount Rd, opp. Roman Stores, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026

Price List @my cleaners

Laundry Starts from INR 99

Dry Cleaning Starts from INR 99

Premium Laundry Starts from INR 199

For Detailed Price list please click here.

The best time to visit dhobi ghats is early morning or early afternoon. The dhobi will be on duty in the morning to take care of washing and loading, and early afternoon is the ideal time to see the laundry dry.

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