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When Will Colleges and Schools Reopen In Mumbai?

When Will Colleges and Schools Reopen in Mumbai – Maharashtra?

Hey I know you are getting bored and you are missing those old campus days. You are missing the Classes, collage chairs, Hall, classrooms and your friends. The Tea and coffee of the collage canteen. You are missing your college friends. You are desperate to take your offline life. There is a constant question raising in your head that when will colleges and Schools Reopen in Mumbai?

There is news for you ;

Schools and colleges will reopen in Maharashtra from 15th july but as per reports

Meanwhile, schools are open in Maharashtra’s covid-19 free villages from July 15. The Maharashtra government had issued a resolution to start the offline academic year 2021-22 from July 15 in Covid-19 free village. More than 4 Lakhs students from classes 9th to 12th in rural Maharashtra attended offline classes in the first week.

Previously In the dispute, teachers and management at several colleges have instructed their staff to be present at the colleges starting next week. The new circular comes two days after the University of Mumbai issued a notice calling on all affiliated universities in the city – with the exception of one in a suburb of Mumbai – to postpone reopening until 22 February 2021. The university had allowed the colleges to reopen on February 16 but later second wave came to action and all plans were back off.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to keep schools and colleges closed until 31 December. Several colleges in Karnataka resumed offline classes in December after strict protocols and security measures and the new orders are arrived for the covid free village and cities. So there is a less possibility of collage and schools reopening.

The government of Maharashtra has decided to reopen schools in areas where last month not a single COVID-19 case was reported. Minister of Education Varsha Gaikwad has announced that schools in these areas will be able to offer offline lessons to pupils in grades 8-12 from 15 July. This is in line with several districts across the state that reopened schools in December and January.

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When will Collage and Schools reopen in Other states?

The union government has allowed the re-opening of schools and higher education institutions in stages until October 15, depending on local situation. The actual date and method of reopening will be determined by the Member States. On Thursday the university grant Advisory Committee issued guidelines for the reopening of colleges and universities which will be open from January 4.

The Punjab and Haryana governments, for example, have allowed universities and colleges to hold one-on-one lectures after Diwali on November 16. States were allowed to reopen schools and colleges to classes in a staggered fashion. This includes standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the duration of classes and activities to maintain social detachment.

In the case of universities managed by the Union government, it is for the head of the institution to decide reopening on the basis of the feasibility of opening physical classes. West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee has called on all state colleges to plan for classes starting in December. Schools in places where COVID-19 cases were reported earlier this month opened on July 15 for grades 8 to 12 and conducted classes in offline mode.

According to the guidelines, schools should strictly renovate their premises before and after classes. They should also organize disinfectants and thermal screenings for students and staff. All teachers and other teachers should be vaccinated before the school reopens.

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What are the Guidelines for School and College Reopening?

Students have the option of not going to school and continuing to attend online courses. However, they must obtain the written consent of parents and guardians if they wish to attend the school in person.

Gyms and yoga institutes will gradually reopen to ensure maximum security, according to the report. Colleges also know that there will be travel restrictions and teachers will not be allowed to travel by train.

With COVID-19 case positivity rates declining across India and several states under lockdown, the question of offline education is still unanswered. To keep an eye on the potential third wave of coronavirus and student safety, state governments are promoting online classes.

In the last two days, Haryana state and the national capital have announced new guidelines to ease restrictions and ease restrictions on educational institutions. Various government and universities have issued new guidelines every day, and students from various corners of the country are confused and wonder when colleges across the country will reopen. Nearly all colleges in India have been closed since April, and online courses have been observed.

I hope you will find this information helpful.

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