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Famous Fruit of Saswad – Maharashtrian Fruits

History of Anjeer in Maharashtra

The invincible Peshwa Baji Rao brought the famous figs fruit to Saswad after returning from Bundelkhand after the war. On the way, the fig variety found its way to Pune and Daulatabad. This amazing place on the road Pune-Saswad is famous for its figs and the Anjeer Farm is the perfect destination to enjoy the authentic taste of fresh figs in a beautiful location for a family getaway.

If you live in the city of Pune (Maharashtra) and need a break, or if you are a traveller dying to see India from a small town or village, Saswad near Pune is a good starting point. Hidden in the bubbling Sahyadri Mountains, it is a jewel of a residence that is more important than nature and nightlife. The village of Saswad panchayat is located in the district of Satara in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The surrounding districts of Saswad are as follows. Saswad is the closest town to the city and the main town of Saswad is located at a distance of 19 kilometers. The other nearest county capital is Pune, which is 28.5 km from the village. The Pune City Bus (PMPML) runs between Saswads Hadapsar Swargate and Pune Station.

Fig can be eaten fresh from the tree or preserved and used for cooking. Jagtap is said to have brought a vehicle full of pudding and apples to the market in Pune on harvest day.

Rajewadi village in Purandar taluka, Pune county, Maharashtra state, India. Saswad is a municipal council in the district of Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra this season famous the king of fruit is the mango and it comes as a surprise for many that India is the world’s largest producer of mango, banana, papaya and lemon.

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Figs (Anjeer) : Famous Saswad Fruit

saswad famous fruit
Anjeer – famous fruit of Saswad

One of the interesting points of visiting a fig farm is that you should eat them as soon as possible after they have been picked. The fruits of figs ripen early in the season and the sweet taste is not only attractive, but also looks good and is in demand when other fruits are not available during the season. But most Indians never eat fresh figs, which is unfortunate. In this article we are going to discuss about the Saswad Famous fruit and learn something interesting facts.

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The exotic fruit, known as Anjeer (Hindi for fig), is produced in Purandar and Saswad in the Pune district. Figs are a delicious fruit, known in India as anjeer, and the cultivation of common figs is limited to the western part of Maharashtra on about 900 hectares in Pune. The fruits must be grown in dry conditions and, due to the scarcity of water in these conditions, figs are produced.

When you visit the fig farm, you will learn some interesting things, as there are over 800 varieties of figs in the world and Pune is the most popular variety in India. There are huge fig farms and beautiful villages around Pune where young people can experience new escapades. You will forget frozen food and taste the goodness of fresh fruit from the farm and change yourself by being invited to the small huts of the villagers who live in the area with big smiles and big hearts.

In Maharashtra more than 50,000 farmers produce fruit in Buldhana, Bhandara, Gadchiroli, Solapur, Pune, Aurangabad and Chandrapur Districts. In the communities to which they belong, they grow fruits such as custard, apples, pomegranates, onions and onions. When you reach the plateau and its share of roadside restaurants, caves, temples and scattered villages, you will notice that most green pastures and fields are hectares and hectares of land cultivated with figs, custard apples and sapodillas.

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Guava : Famous Saswad Fuit of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is also one of the largest guava producers, with the districts of Buldhana, Pune and Nashik known for their guava products. Among most of the state’s custard apple growers, Pimpari and Dumala are grown, along with Balanagar, a variety that takes its name from a village in the Mahbubnagar district of Telangana.

It is famous for its oranges and is known as Orange City, an important commercial center where oranges are grown in much of the region. Nagpur is also known as the Orange City, as oranges are supplied from two of the region’s districts. Among other things, the word is famous because it is Nagpur, juicy oranges give it the name of a city, and oranges are one of the most popular fruits, alongside apples that are full of nutrients.

Maharashtra is famous for a range of fruits such as guava, pine apple, custard apple and chiku. Other fruits that Maharashtra produces are mosambi, pineapple, cashew nuts, sweet orange, apple, beaver and much more. Among the important fruit areas in Maharashtra are Marathwada (Mosambi / custard apple, guava), the western Deccan area, Chiku, cashew nuts and figs.

India is a big producer of beautiful fruits and Maharashtra is known to produce high quality fruits. Pudding apples also known as sugar apples are a good source of thiamin and vitamin B, while Sitaphal is an excellent source of vitamin C. The district of Beed in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra is famous for its cultivation of Pudding apples.

As a cross-pollinated crop, custard apples exhibit large differences in fruit size and flesh colour. As a hardy fruit tree, they thrive in rocky terrain with flat and well drained soil. Jalgaon is famous for bananas and produces more than 15% of Indian bananas.

For more than a hundred years, Fig varieties have been cultivated in Pune, Saswad and Daulatabad and many other famous fruit. Figs are weighty and have a high pulp content, which is useful for fruit processing. Bael is a unique fruit grown in the Himalayas, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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