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Chasing Sunset : Guide to the Best Sunset Spots in Mumbai

Mumbai, located on the west coast of India, is one of the best cities to enjoy the sunset. Inviting beaches are an ideal place to watch the sunset spots in Mumbai, especially in the vast waters of the Arabian Sea. There are almost 8 plus Beach gives sunsets in Mumbai a warm, relaxed and tranquil aura. Read our guide to view the sunset in spots in Mumbai.

Porcupine Point

Porcupine Point in Matheran is one of the best known for its fantastic sunset spots in Mumbai and in state. This is an amazing place where you can see a beautiful sunset over the mountains.! You can compare this to an usual feeling of sunset into the sea…! It is located bit far from market place but there are enough horses and manpower to carry you to the point in evening if you are staying somewhere near market place for the people who cannot walk for around 5 kms to and from. Overall, it is perfect place to end your day in Matheran.!

You can see a perfect view of sunset. You can enjoy tea/coffee and snacks by few roadside shops, but overall nice to see sunset at this point.

 Porcupine Point sunset
Porcupine Point sunset PC : tripadvisor

Dadar Beach Mumbai

Dadar Beach offers incredible views of New Age Mumbai icons such as Bandra, Worli and Sea Link. Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island in Andaman is the best white sand beach in Asia and one of the best sunset spots in Mumbai.   

Dadar Beach in Mumbai offers the best view of Mumbai’s new-age icon, Bandra-Worli, at sunset. Dadar Beach has a well-maintained promenade where Mumbaikars can be seen doing yoga and lole IRL as they laugh in their real life salmon clubs. 

best sunset spots in mumbai : Dada Beach View
Dadar Beach Sunset PC : holidify

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Marine Drive – Romantic Sunset spot in Mumbai

best sunset spots in mumbai : Marine Drive View
Marine Drive Snnset view PC: News18

Marine Drive is located in the oldest part of the city of Mumbai and is a popular sunset spot for Mumbai residents when they need fresh air. Thanks to the many films shot on Marine Drive, many people know the sunset of Mumbai with the sea as a linked backdrop. The view is truly unforgettable.

If you are a romantic, this is the best place in Mumbai for your loved one or partner to have a great view of the ocean at sunset before the cold breeze sets in. The beach, magical sunsets and beautiful conversations make for a perfect weekend.

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Juhu Beach – Crowded Place for Crowed lovers

best sunset spots in mumbai : juhu beach
Juhu Beach Sunset views PC : thecompletecityguide

If you prefer a quiet sunset, head to Juhu Beach, one of Mumbai’s best spots for sunset. This is one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai and is also listed as one of thethe best beaches of the city, also one of the best places to see the crowded places full of people who come to enjoy the beautiful scene at sunset.

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Haji Ali Dargah – Calm sunset spot in Mumabi

The sunset against the calm backdrop of Haji Ali Dargah and the long stretch of ocean, sea and birds is the perfect way to enjoy the picturesque sunset. Aksa Beach is isolated from the center of Mumbai with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and has the ambience of a beach like Goa Beach and provides the eye for quiet bliss that needs in the hours before sunset.

Few Other Sunset spots in Mumbai

Mumbai is a big city, which means that pollution has reduced the charm of the skyline. However, it is fortunate to have an archipelago with numerous breath-taking coastlines and breath-taking views. A few tall palm trees, mangroves and Lake Powai in the middle of the city give the city much needed greenery.

You can visit Bandra Fort, Borivali National Park, Kharghar Hills and many other places to watch Mumbai sunrise. Experiencing the sunrise and sunset in Mumbai means skyscrapers, picturesque beaches and other elements that make it competitive.

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