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Draw Character Sketch of Dr Andrew Manson From Chapter The Birth

Character sketch of Dr Andrew Manson from chapter The Birth

Let’s delve into the complex persona of Dr. Andrew Manson, the protagonist of the book “The Citadel” by A.J. Cronin. In this character sketch of Dr Andrew Manson, we’ll explore his personality, motivations, and struggles as portrayed in the first chapter “The Birth”.

Character sketch of Dr Andrew Manson

In A.J. Cronin’s book “The Citadel,” Dr. Andrew Manson, the main character of the chapter “The Birth,” is a complicated person with both commendable traits and flaws.

Dr. Manson is portrayed as a young, ambitious doctor who is determined to succeed in his career at the beginning of the chapter. He is dedicated and enthusiastic about his work, as shown by his willingness to put in long hours and his desire to pick Dr. Page’s brain. Despite his inexperience and youth, he is confident in his skills and unafraid to take on difficult cases.

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But as the chapter goes on, it becomes obvious that Dr. Manson has his faults as well. He has a tendency to be dismissive of people who lack his level of knowledge or expertise and is a little haughty. This is demonstrated by his irritation with the midwife who is attending the birth and his frustration with the patient’s husband for failing to recognise the gravity of the situation.

In addition, Dr. Manson occasionally displays a lack of empathy for the feelings of his patients. While concentrating on the medical aspects of their care, he occasionally overlooks their psychological requirements. This is demonstrated by his initial response, in which he labels the father’s distress over the birth of his child as “hysterics.”

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Dr. Manson is ultimately a likeable character despite these flaws. His commitment to his field is admirable, and his readiness to take on challenging cases and learn from his errors demonstrates a dedication to development and improvement. His enthusiasm for his work is contagious, and it is obvious that he genuinely cares about the welfare of his patients.

Dr. Andrew Manson is a complex character who possesses both good and bad qualities, making him a realistic and compelling protagonist in “The Birth.”

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